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Last updated 3/30/08
Mike and I had our DNA tested through the National Geographic Genealogy Project.  Our results are:

Michael Ellis Cornell:  HAPLOGROUP R1B  (M343)
Angela Carol Caperton Cornell: HAPLOGROUP J

We are both registered in the Family Tree Maker DNA comparison group as well.

If you use any information from this site, please give credit to the researchers
that provided you with this information.  I have researchers listed on each page.  

If a family member is still living and on this web page, do not use their names on any other published site.

I encourage each of you to do your own research.  
Use my research as a guide as I have not been able to check out all the information that I have listed.  
Should you find information that I may have listed incorrectly, please e-mail me so we can collaborate and I can correct my information.

Also, if you are researching one of my lines, please email me so I can list your contact information for others to contact you.

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All my pages are indexed.  If there is no index,
it is a new page and I haven't had a chance to index it yet.

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