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Pulliam Extras
 William Madison Pulliam, Sr.
Father may have been a judge in Virginia.   I tend to think William was born in Henry County, Virginia.  He is linked to the Pulliams that moved to Kentucky but I cannot find the connection.  I am not sure his name is William Sr. but his son was named Jr. so I assume he was a Sr..  William purchased land in Drew County Arkansas on 7/1/1859 and more land there 4/2/1860.  There is no record of the sale of this land so I have no idea who owns it now.  It had to be William Madison Sr., as Jr. would have only been 2-3 years old at that time.  He must have left Virgina and come to Arkansas around 1859.  That is how my Pulliams ended up in Arknasas.

 William Madison Pulliam, Jr.

George Washington Simpson
  b  1823  Alabama  d  1895  Cotton Plant, Arkansas
m:  Mary Alabama Anderson  
  b  January 4, 1853 Alabama  d  1919  Mississippi
children:   Alma Simpson,  John Simpson

Andrew Anderson
  b  June 20, 1781 Lawrence County, South Carolina  d  May 25, 1843  Benton County, Alabama
m:  Rebecca  Tatum 1819 Alabama
  b  June 20, 1796  Tennessee  d  January 1, 1860  Desota, Mississippi
children:  Patton Anderson

Patton Anderson
  b  March 20, 1820  Alabama
m:  Mary Ann Teague  February 11, 1841 Calhoun, Alabama
children:  David Anderson,   Mary Anderson

John Teague
  b  1635  England  d  1677  Somerset, Maryland
children:  Edward Teague

Edward Teague
  b  1660 Teggs Delight, Cecil, Maryland  d  March 9, 1696/97 Teggs Delight, Cecil, Maryland
m: Susan Bef. 1695  Cecil, Maryland
  b  1663 Teggs Delight, Cecil, Maryland   d  1704  Teggs Delight, Cecil, Maryland
children:  William Teague, Sr, Catherine Teague, Susannah Teague, Ann Teague

William Teague, Sr
  b  1693 Teggs Delight, Cecil, Maryland  d  1775 Rowan County, North Carolina
m: Isabella  Pennington 1715 Cecil, Maryland
  b  1696 Frederick, Virginia
children:  Joshua Teague,  Isaac Teague,  Benjamin Teague, Rachel Teague, Moses Teague, Sr.,
Edward Teague, Susannah Teague, Elijah Teague, Abraham Teague, William Teague, Jr., Charity Teague

Joshua Teague
  b January 30, 1731/32  Orange, North Carolina  d  May 12, 1804  Laurens, South Carolina
m:  Dorothy  Caldwell  1754  Laurens, South Carolina
  b  Aft. 1748  Orange, North Carolina  d  
children: William Teague, Israel Teague, Sophia Teague, Susannah Teague, James Teague, Sarah Teague, Rebecca Teague, Hannah Teague, Abraham Teague, Isabella Teague, Elijah Teague April 15, 1789, Elijah Teague September 2, 1767, Abner Miller Teague, Mary Teague

William Teague
  b November 23, 1761  Orange, North Carolina  d  September 23, 1845  Wilson County, Tennessee
m:  Elizabeth  Miller  July 3, 1785 Laurens, South Carolina  
  b  June 22, 1768  Laurens, South Carolina  d  Bet. 1848 - 1850
children:  James Jefferson Teague, Dorothea Teague,  Sarah Teague,  Margaret Teague,  Rebecca Teague,  John Teague

James Jefferson Teague
  b  February 2, 1794  Lincoln County, Georgia  d  1872  Franklin, Texas
m:  Anna Golden  January 19, 1819  New Market, Madison, Alabama
  b  1802  Lincoln County, Georgia  d  1852
children:   Mary Ann Teague, Elijah J. Teague,  Martha Teague,  Margaret F. Teague,  Elizabeth Teague,  Catherine Teague,  Joice Alabama Teague,  William F. Teague,  Isaac A. Teague,  Benjamin Franklin Teague,  John Jefferson Teague,  

Claude Pulliam                                Claude and Aaron Pulliam Cotton Plant, AR

Aaron Pulliam, Brinkley, Arkansas                            Bertha Pulliam (right end)

 Jack & Carolyn(Pulliam) Caperton

  Donnie Pulliam (toddler)

 William Madison Pulliam Grave Stone
photos by: Jane Hartley & Paige Achord
Hawkins Cemetary, Moro, Lee County, Arkansas

 Bettie Pulliam, wife of Wm Madison Pulliam
photos by: Jane Hartley & Paige Achord
Hawkins Cemetary, Moro, Lee County, Arkansas