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Researchers:  Bernard Caperton, Angela Caperton Cornell, Donald Caperton, many other Capertons!

Caperton Genealogy

Hear Jack Caperton, III (my daddy) singing!  This was recorded in 1964 on a little tape recorder so the sound is not perfect but the voice is!  His voice today is even better!  His father, Jack II and my brother Jack Stanley, have the same beautiful voice.
Part 1                                              Part 2

This is my Caperton line, there is far too much information to list all the Caperton's line.  Most of my information was obtained from Bernard Caperton's book, "The Caperton Family".  I would be happy to look up anything for you but there are so many requests for me to copy chapters out of the book, I do not have the time to do that and at this time, I do not have a flat scanner.   The book is now available on CD rom thanks to Donald Caperton and Bernard Caperton's daughters...  

I will number individuals according to Bernard Caperton's system and continue from there.

I just found this information about John Caperton on  I am hoping this is our link to John's coming to America from Scotland.....

Name:    John Caperton
Year:    1725  
Place:    New York  
Source Publication Code:    1640.9  
Primary Immigrant:    Caperton, John
Annotation:    Date and port of arrival or date and place of mention in the New World. Birth date, occupation, names of family members, and a reference to sources listed on pages ix-xiv may also be provided.  
Source Bibliography:    DOBSON, DAVID. Scots on the Chesapeake, 1607-1830. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1992. 169p.  
Page:    25  
Name:    John Caperton
Year:    1725  
Place:    New York  
Source Publication Code:    9760  
Primary Immigrant:    Caperton, John
Annotation:    Covers era prior to 1855. Compiled from correspondence and monument inscriptions, 17th and, mainly, 18th century. Prepared for the Scottish Genealogical Society. 6,470 emigrants.  
Source Bibliography:    WHYTE, DONALD. A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to the USA. Vol. 1. Baltimore: Magna Carta Book Co., 1972. 504p. 2nd pr., 1981.  Page:    65  


Anderson:  George
Alexander: Delilah Beirne, Frances C., Harriette
Arbuckle: John
Archer:  Martha
Askin: Ruth Ann
Bailey: Marion
Ballard:  Lucy
Barrett:  John
Beaufort:  Letitia
Beirne:  Nanny, Oliver, Susan
Booth:  Henrietta
Brooks: Archibald W., Archibald W., Dillard, Elizabeth M., John E., John E., Louisiana, Mary Polly, Nancy M.,  William G.,
Buckner:  O.C.
Burnett: Harry
Carroll: Betty
Capertons:  Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam C.,  Adam Harrison, Adam S., Addie, Aletha, Alfred H., Allen T.,
Allen T., Jr.,  Amanda R., Amelia,  America J., Andrew W., Andrew W., Angela,  Archibald W., Augustus,
Beulah, Callaway, Conrad, David A., E.A., Edward Paul, Edward Jr.,  Eleanor, , Eleanor Jane, Eliza J.,  
Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth A., Elizabeth K.,  
Elizabeth W., Francis,  G. Alexander, George,  George, George Henry, George H., George S.,
George Washington,  George Winfield, Green,  Green C., Harriet, Hugh,  Hugh, Hugh, Hugh, Hugh E.,  Hugh Elson,
Hugh J.,  Hugh Jr.,  Hugh L.,  Hugh Prior,  Hughie, Hulda,  Jack,  Jack II,  Jack III,  Jack Stanley, Jailey, James,
James,  James B., James F., James G.,  James George, James G., James G., James W., Joel, John, John,  
John, John, John, John A.,  John C., John C.,  John Elson, John Fox, John G., John H.,  John Stodghill,
John W., Joseph E., Lawrence, Lelia,  Letitia,  Lewis E., Lucy S., M.M., Mahala,  Mahala,  Mamie,
Margaret Eleanor, Margaret Eleanor, Margaret E., Margaret M., Martha E., Maria,  Mary, Mary, Mary,  
Mary A., Mary D., Mary Jane, Mary J., Mary M.,  Mary Polly, Mary P.,  Mary T.,  Matilda,  Maurice, Melinda,  
Milton T., Minerva, Nancy,  Olivia,  Overton,  Paulina,  Paulina Jane,  Permintina, Pleasant, Polly,  Polly T.,
Pomelia, Reuben S., Robert, Rufus,  Ruth Ann, Ryon, Ryan P., Sallie J.,  Sally G., Sarah, Sarah J., Sue M.,  
Samuel, Samuel, Samuel B.,  Samuel H., Sarah Ann,  Susan, Susan J., Sarah L., Susan M., Thomas,
Thomas G., Thomas H., Thomas N.,  Thomas S., Thompson, Thompson,  William,  William, William, William,  
William G., William H., William S.,  William W.,  Woods A.
Chambers:  Dr. John, Elena J., Elizabeth, George, Marshall, Mary, Nancy, Permintory
Clark: Paulina, Mary Miller,
Conly:  Claud,  G.B., Katie
Conn:  Eleanor, Hugh, Joseph
Cook:  George, N., Louisa
Cooper:  Nancy, Nancy
Cornell: Michael E.
Cotton: Mary
Cowan:  Alexander H., Eleanor S.,  Elizabeth A., George E., Hugh C., James H.,  John, John F., Malinda H.,
Minerva J.,  Samuel M., Samuel, William M.,
Crabb: Joseph
Dalby: Betty J., Mack, Robert
Davis: Catherine
Dickinson:  Elizabeth
Dinamore:  Rebecca
Echols:  Harriette, John
Erskine: Jane,
Estill:  Eliza, Mary A.,
Fitzpatrick:  Hugh, James,  John, John,
Foshee: Ada, Aline, Ida Avis, James H., John B.,
Fowler:  Elizabeth
Fudge: Elizabeth
Fuqua:  John
Garrison: Elizabeth A., Forrest, Forrest Jr., Phyliss M.,
Gibson:  Benjamin F., Benjamin F.,  Elizabeth, Elizabeth, James,  James Henry, John Henry, John H.,  Lucretia,
Nancy, Thomas F., Thomas F.,
Glove:  Annie
Goggins: Elizabeth Ann
Gordon:  Alabama, Cassandra B., David, David, Eliza, Frances,  Francis, Jane R., Lucy,  Mary E., Matilda,  
Sarah Ann, Susan C., Tennessee, Thomas N.,
Graham:  David,  Elizabeth, Lanty
Grider:  Allie Hugh,  Aurie H.,  Ruth,  William Reid, William Reid,
Grills:  Susan
Guthrie: Mary E.,
Hailey:  Amelia,  John, Sarah
Haislip: Maria
Hargess: Alexander, Eleanor, Permintony
Harris:  William
Harvey: Elizabeth
Henderson:  Mary E.
Hendron:  Nelly
Heyman:  Soloman
Hogue:  Elizabeth
Hudspeth:  Annie
Irvin: Josiah, Lena Belle,
Kannon: Polly
Kelly: Benjamin, Caperton, Daniel, Elizabeth, George I.N., James, John, Joshua, Margaret, Mildred, Nancy,
Rachel, Rhodicine,  Samuel, Susannah,
Thomas J.,  William
Kiser:  Annie, Eleanor,  Idaline,  John B.,
Knapp:  Mamie
Lenoir:  Mary
Leeper:  John
Logan:  Mary
Loller: Lane
McClaugherty:  Nancy
McCown:  Anne
McCutcheon:  William
McGhee:  Mary,  Thomas
Miller: Elizabeth, Jacob
Mills:  Sarah
Montgomery: Ida,  John,  Mary, Thomas
Mosher:  Eliza
Mundy: Malvina, America,
Murtishaw:  Virgie
Neal: Harold
Nelson: Eugene
Netherland:  Margaret
Nicholson:  Cordy, Isaac
Northcott:  William
Norwood: Eleanor, Elizabeth, George A.,  Henry, Hugh J., John H., Mariah, Mary, Matilda, Samuel C., Samuel
Pearson: Robert W.,
Phelps:  Katherine
Preston:  James F.
Pulliam:  Aaron M., Carolyn J.
Ragsdale: Mary
Rochester: John C.,
Runnels: Unknown
Ryan: Lucy
Scribner:  Jane T.  Reuben
Scrivener:  Amanda
Shelton: Mourning, Ruth Kyle, William Rossen
Shumate:  Margaret Peggy
Simmons: Madelene
Steenbergen:  William Jr.,
Stephenson: William
Sterne:  Mary
Stodghill:  Elizabeth, James, Joel, John, John, Mary, Nancy, Rhoda, Sarah, William, Winney,
Stone: Mary
Swope: Adam, Elizabeth, George, George, Isaac, James, John, Joseph, Katie, Lucy, Mary Rhoda,
Nancy, Rhoda, Thomas A., William,
Talbot: Leonidas B.
Tally:  Elizabeth
Temple: Tangela
Thompson: Adam, Mary "Polly",  Thomas
Toney:  Jonathan, William
Townsend:  Elizabeth, Jailey, Joshua, Sally, Sarah, William, William
Webb:  Elizabeth
Wells:  Sarah
West: Kenneth
Wiley:  Rachel
Williams: Josephine, Susan
Willis:  Sallie
Wilson:  Thomas, Wallace
Winder: Nancy L.C.,
Woods:  Andrew,  Archibald,  Lucy

 John Caperton
b 1725 England, Scotland, Wales Ireland or France. We are not sure at this time.   
The Morman Search shows John born in Ireland( married to Mary Thompson) born in 1725
d 1789 buried in Rulsterns, near Hans Creek, West Virginia

spouse:  Mary (Polly) Thompson b 1729 In Scotland or Virginia  d Aft. 1770  m 1750 Shenandoah, Augusta, Virginia   
               spouse's parents:  Adam Thompson & Elizabeth ?
1. B-1     Captain Hugh "New River" Caperton   b 1751  Monroe, Virginia  d 1816 Monroe County, Virginia   
                 spouse1:  unknown  married before 1785
                      children: C-11 Allen Hugh Adam Caperton b bef. 1785 d 1816  m  Catherine R. Davis d 1816
                 spouse 2:   Rhoda Stodghill b 1768 Orange County, VA  d 1840 Monroe County, W V in 1785  
                                                                      m September 21, 1785 Greenbrier County, Virginia
                       spouse's parents:   John Stodghill b 1740 Virginia  d 1820 Monroe County, W. Virginia  
                                                        Elizabeth Harvey  b  1749 Orange County, Virginia m 1764 Virginia
                      spouse's siblings:   Joel Stodghill b 1765 Morgan Co., VA  d  October 4, 1844 Monroe County, WV
                                                                                     m  Elizabeth Graham
                                                       William Stodghill b 1766 Greenbrier County, WV  m  Rebecca Dinamore
                                                       Winney Stodghill b 1770 Virginia  m   Thomas Thompson
                                                       Nancy Stodghill b 1772 Greenbrier County, WV  m  John Arbuckle
                                                       Mary Stodghill b 1774 Greenbrier County, WV  m   David Graham
                                                        Elizabeth Stodghill  b  1776 Monroe County, WV  d  1846 Monroe County, WV  
                                                                                                m   Lanty Graham
                                                       John Stodghill  b  1780 Virginia  m   Lucy Ballard
                                                       Sarah Stodghill b  1785 Greenbrier County, WV  m   John Barrett
                                                       James Stodghill  b  1785 Greenbrier County, WV  m   Elizabeth Dickinson
              children: (Hugh & Rhoda)  
                 C-12  John Stodghill Caperton  b March 30, 1788 Greenbrier County, Virginia   
                                                                             d  March 31, 1865 Mercer County, West Virginia  
                                                                             m July 15, 1813 Monroe County, Virginia
                                       spouse:   Margaret Peggy Shumate b  June 29, 1794 Monroe County, Virginia  
                                                                                                           d  July 13, 1865 Elgood, Mercer, West Virginia
                  C-13  Elizabeth Caperton b September 22, 1794 Monroe, Virginia d 1863 Giles County, VA  
                                                                    m October 23, 1811 Giles County, VA
                                        spouse:   Jonathan Toney
                  C-14  Mary Polly Caperton b January 12, 1799 Greenbrier County, WV  
                                        spouse:   William Toney m  April 2, 1815 Giles County, Virginia
                  C-15  Augustus William James Caperton b October 29, 1802 Monroe, Virginia  
                                                                                                d  April 22, 1878 Mercer County, West Virginia
                                                                                                m  November 7, 1833 Giles County, Virginia
                                       spouse:   Rachel Kelly Wiley  b March 19, 1816 Monroe County, WV  d  May 3, 1883
                  C-16  Green C. Caperton  b June 12, 1804 Mercer County, WV   
                                                                   m November 9, 1830 Giles County, Virginia
                                       spouse:   Nancy McClaugherty  b August 3, 1807 Virginia
                  C-17 George Washington Caperton b July 11, 1807  d February 4, 1852  
                                                                                      m June 13, 1842 Giles County, Virginia
                                       spouse:   Martha Imogene Archer  b 1808 Virginia d February 16, 1844
                  C-18 Overton H. Caperton b September 7, 1810 Mercer County, WV  d  November 2, 1846
                  C-19 Thompson H. Caperton b Aft. 1810  d  Bef. 1836
2.  B-2    Adam Caperton  (see info below)    b 1753    d 1782
3.  B-3 Sarah Caperton b 1755 Shenandoah,Augusta County,Virginia   m 1773 Monore,Virginia
                   spouse:  James Henry Gibson  b  1751 Augusta Co., Va
                         C-32 Elizabeth Gibson b November 17, 1777 Virginia d May 19, 1864 Winchester, Tennessee  
                                                                   m December 16, 1800
                                       spouse:  C-21 John  Caperton b 1775 Monroe County, Virginia
                                                                                             d  Bet. 1822 - 1827Winchester, Franklin County, Tennessee
                         C-31 Col.John Henry Gibson b 1774 Monroe Co., WV  d 1823 Jackson, TN
                                        spouse:  Anne McCown
                         C-33 Thomas F. Gibson b 1780
                         C-34 James Gibson  
4. B-4     Mary Caperton b 1757 Greenbrier Co., Va  d 1827 Rutherford County, Tennessee
                                                                                          m Monroe County, West Virginia
                     spouse:   George Swope  b 1740 Wolf Creek, Monroe Co., W.V. d  1830 Rutherford County, Tennessee
                     children:  C-41 George Swope b 1775 Tennessee
                                       C-42 John Swope b 1779 Kentucky
                                       C-43 Adam Swope  b June 24, 1795 Kentucky  
                                                                             d December 10, 1861 Oconee, Shelby County, Illinois
                                                                             m December 5, 1819 Rutherford County, Tennessee
                                                         spouse:   Henrietta Boothe b December 14, 1799 TN, KY or NC
                                       C-46 William Swope  b 1785 Virginia
                                       C-49 Joseph C. Swope   b August 10, 1788  d December 10, 1854 m 1808 Tennessee
                                                        spouse:   Nancy Cooper b May 26, 1791 Kentucky
                                       C-4C James Swope b July 16, 1801 d May 16, 1838  m September 3, 1822
                                                        spouse:  Elizabeth Fowler b 1800  d 1882
                                       C4-DIsaac Swope   spouse:   Nancy Cooper
                                       C-44 Elizabeth Swope b 1783 Kentucky
                                       C-45 Katie "Catherine" Swope  b 1781 Virginia  d May 3, 1865 Rutherford County, Tennessee  
                                                                                                    m August 17, 1805
                                                        spouse:  William Northcott, Jr.  b 1782 North Carolina
                                                                                                                   d December 28, 1855 Rutherford County, Tennessee
                                       C-48 Mary Rhoda Swope  b 1792 Virginia
                                       C-47Rhoda Swope b 1790 Virgina  spouse:   Thomas Adison Swope
                                       C-4A Nancy Swope b 1797 Virgina        
                                       C-4B Lucy Swope b 1799 Virgina
5. B-5     Nancy Agness Caperton  b 1760 Augusta County, Virginia  d 1842 Missouri
                                                                m February 9, 1782 Monroe, Greenwood County, Virginia
                  spouse:  James Kelly  b August 1754  Ireland  d January 18, 1853 Morgan Co., Missouri                                                          
                  children:           Nancy Caperton Kelly b 1796 Tennessee  d March 11, 1857 Missouri
                                                     spouse:  John Cornelius Rochester
                                                                                  b February 28, 1792 Hagerstown, Washington Co., Maryland
                                                                                  d March 1, 1837 Missouri
                                             Benjamin Kelly  b 1795
                                    C-55 Mary Elizabeth Kelly b 1795
                                    C-51 Susannah Kelly  b 1783 d 1848 Versailles, Morgan Co., Missouri
                                    C-53 Caperton Kelly  b 1785
                                    C-54 John Kelly  b 1787
                                             Rachel Kelly  b 1783
                                             Samuel Kelly b 1786
                                             Mildred Kelly  b 1800
                                             Joshua Kelly  b 1780
                                    C-52 William J. or F. Kelly
                                             Rhodicine Kelly  b
                                             George Isaac N. Kelly
                                             Daniel Kelly
                                             Thompson J. Kelly
                                             Margaret Kelly
6.  B-6    Elizabeth Caperton  b 1763  m June 19, 1784 Greenbrier County, Virginia
                  spouse:  JoshuaTownsend b March 5, 1762 Lunenburg Co, Va  d Jackson Co, Alabama
                        spouse's parents: William Townsend &  Mary Stone
                 children:   William Townsend
                                   Jailey Townsend  spouse:  Thomas Wilson  b Jackson County, Alabama
                                    Sally Townsend
                                   Sarah Townsend  m  Mr. Runnels
                                    Elizabeth Townsend
7. B-7     William Caperton  b 1766  Greenbrier Co. Kentucky  d 1850 Carroll Co. Mississippi  
                                                     m December 13, 1790 Madison County, Kentucky
                      spouse:   Lucy Woods b October 25, 1774 Virginia  d 1854 Madison, Virginia
                              spouse's parents:  Archibald Woods  &  Mourning Shelton
                          C-72   Hugh Caperton  b 1793 Madison Co. Ky m August 27, 1812 Madison Co. Kentucky
                                              spouse:   Polly Kannon  
                                                   children:  Sally G. Caperton b 1820,  William Caperton b 1822,
                                                                     Alfred H. Caperton b 1816
                          C-71    Archibald Woods Caperton b 1794  m 1811 Madison, Kentucky
                                               spouse:  Maria Haislip  b 1797 North Carolina
                                                   children:  Woods Archibald Caperton b 1828
                          C-73    Thomas Shelton Caperton  b 1795  
                                               spouse:   Susan Grills
                          C-74    William Harris Caperton  b March 2, 1798  d July 4, 1862 Richmond, Kentucky
                                                                                       m October 28, 1819
                                                spouse:  Eliza Estill
                          C-75    Hulda Caperton  b 1801  d 1880  m 1817
                                                 spouse:   Andrew Woods
                          C-76      Green Caperton  b 1802 Madison County, Kentucky d January 8, 1839  m 1820
                                                spouse:   Annie Hudspeth
                          C-77      John Woods Caperton b 1802 Madison Co., Kentucky
                                                                                     d April 1862 Carroll County, Mississippi
                                                spouse:  Mary Carolina Cotton
                                                      children:   Andrew Woods Caperton
                          C-78       Susan Caperton  b 1807  
                                                spouse:   Wallace Wilson
                          C-79       Milton Thompson Caperton  b April 24, 1811 d April 7, 1907 Travis County Texas  
                                                 spouse:   Amanda Scrivener b February 23, 1813  d July 23, 1878
                                                      children:  Mary D. Caperton,  Reuben S. Caperton 1834,
                                                                       William W. Caperton,  Joseph Estill Caperton
                          C-7A       Andrew W. Caperton  b 1814 Kentucky  d 1856 Austin,Travis County TX  
                                                  spouse:   Jane T. Scribner b April 25, 1815 Davidson County TN
                                                                                                     d April 23, 1897 Caldwell County TX
                                                      spouse's parents:  Rueben Scribner  &   Mary Ann Estill
                                                   children:    Mary Anne Caperton b December 25, 1839,
                                                                      Lucy S. Caperton b January 1, 1843,
                                                                      Sallie Jane Caperton b June 3, 1846,
                                                                       Amanda Rebecca Caperton  b January 2, 1848
                                           Mary P. Caperton
                                                   spouse:   Leonidas B. Talbott
                                           James William Caperton  d 1909
                                                   spouse:   Katherine Cobb Phelps b Kentucky
                                                       children: Mary James Caperton, Catherine Caperton
8.  B-8    James Alexander Caperton  b 1770 Madison Co., Kentucky d June 12, 1847 Spring Hill, Tennessee
                                                                       m July 1791 Madison Co., Kentucky
                     spouse:   Sarah Wells  d  December 24, 1843 Spring Hill, Tennessee
                         C-81    Thomas Caperton b 1792  m August 3, 1813 Madison Co., Kentucky
                                           spouse:  Nelly Hendron
                                               children:   Thomas H. Caperton
                        C-82      Polly Caperton b 1793 Kentucky  d 1871  m December 22, 1813 Maury Co., Tennessee
                                            spouse:   Cordy Nicholson
                                                children:   Isaac Nicholson
                        C-83      John Caperton  b March 4, 1795  d March 6, 1863 Noxapater, Mississippi  
                                                                      m February 15, 1819 Williamson Co., Tennessee
                                            spouse:   Sarah M. Hailey  b 1798
                                                 children:  James B. Caperton, William Caperton,  John Hugh Caperton,
                                                                 Robert Caperton, Samuel Henry Caperton,  Elizabeth Caperton,
                                                                 Minerva Caperton, Letitia Caperton,  Mary Caperton,
                                                                 Sarah Jane Caperton,  John Caperton
                        C-84       Elizabeth Wells Caperton  b September 11, 1798  d 1851 Gordonsville, Lowndes Co., Alabama
                                                                                         m September 18, 1817 Williamson Co., Tennessee
                                            spouse:   Francis Gordon b January 4, 1795 Springhill, Maury Co., Tennessee
                                                 children: Sarah Ann Gordon, Jane Rachel Gordon,  Susan Cole Gordon,
                                                                 Mary Elizabeth Gordon, Eliza Gordon,  Frances Gordon,
                                                                 Cassandra Boone Gordon,  Thomas Niles Gordon,
                                                                 Lucy Cain Gordon, Matilda Asceneth Gordon,  David Gordon,
                                                                 Tennessee Gordon,  Alabama Gordon
                        C-85       Samuel Caperton b 1799  d May 7, 1861 Lawrence Co., Tennessee  
                                                                           m July 3, 1819 Williamson Co., Tennessee
                                             spouse:   Amelia H. Hailey b 1796  d November 22, 1873 Lawrence Co., Tennessee
                                                          spouse's parents:  John Hailey  &   Letitia Beaufort
                                                children:  Thompson Caperton, John C. Caperton,  Samuel B. Caperton,
                                                                 William S. Caperton, Martha Elizabeth Caperton,  Susan Jane Caperton,
                                                                 David Augustus Caperton,  Francis Gordon Caperton,
                                                                 James Gibson Caperton, Amelia Hardy Caperton,  Sarah Letitia Caperton
                        C-86       Matilda Caperton m January 11, 1819  Williamson Co., Tennessee
                                           spouse:   William Stephenson
                        C-87   Susan M. Caperton  m Williamson Co., Tennessee
                                           spouse:   David Gordon
                        C-88    Calloway Caperton  b 1811  d November 1850
                                           spouse:  Elizabeth
 Adam Caperton

born: 1753  Shenandoah, Augusta, Virginia
died: March 22, 1782  Hinkston Creek, Madison County,  Kentucky
m 1774  Monroe County, Virginia
spouse:  Elizabeth Miller born: March 14, 1757  Otter Creek, Madison County, Kentucky  
                                                  d Otter Creek, Madison County, Virginia
        spouse's parents: Jacob Miller &  Elizabeth Fudge
1. C-21 John Caperton b 1775 Monroe County, Virginia  d 1822-1827 Winchester, Franklin County, Tennessee
                   spouse1:   Lucy Ryan  m: 9/26/1797                             
                      children: D-211 Adam Swanson Caperton b 1799 Kentucky  d Bef. 1889 Bolivar, Jackson, Alabama
                  spouse 2:   Elizabeth Gibson b 1776    d May 19, 1864 TN  m December 16, 1800
                         D-212 Ryon Caperton b October 16, 1801 Franklin Co., Tennessee  
                                                                   d June 8, 1886 Franklin Co., Tennessee  
                                                                   m 1820 Franklin County, Tennessee
                                      spouse1:   Lucretia Gibson  b 1802  d April 16, 1836 Tennesee  
                                               spouse's parents:  John Henry Gibson & Anne McCown
                                            children:  Elizabeth Ann Caperton b January 24, 1822,
                                                             Olivia Jane Caperton b June 18, 1826,
                                                             James Franklin Caperton b January 2, 1829,
                                                             Mary Tilford Caperton b April 15, 1831,
                                                             Sarah T. Caperton b August 11, 1833,  
                                                             John Caperton
                                          spouse 2:  Susan Williams b 1811 Tennessee d Aft. 1844 Tennesee
                                                                             m February 15, 1840Franklin County, Tennessee
                                            children:  Thomas G. Caperton b February 4, 1839,
                                                             Rufus K. Caperton b 1842,
                                                             John G. Caperton b 1844
                                         spouse 3:   Elizabeth Webb b 1825 Tennesee  d Aft. 1860 Tennesee  
                                                                            m December 21, 1846 Franklin Co., Tennessee
                                            children:   Ryan Perkins Caperton b 1847,
                                                              Adam C. Caperton b 1849,
                                                              E.A. Caperton b 1851,
                                                              M.M. Caperton b 1854,
                                                              Hugh E. Caperton b 1855,
                                                              Joel T. Caperton b 1857
                          D-213 Maria (Mariah) Caperton b  November 1, 1803 Tennesee  
                                                                                     d  August 12, 1889 Winchester, Franklin County, Tennessee
                                                                                      m never married
                          D-214 Pomelia Caperton (Permelia) b 1806 Tennessee d 1885 Fort Payne, Jackson County, Alabama
                                                                                               m 1830 Franklin County, Tennessee
                                            spouse:   Benjamin Franklin Gibson b 1811  d 1873 Randolph County, Tennessee
                                               children:  John Henry Gibson b 1831,  Thomas Fitzpatrick Gibson  b December 4, 1835,
                                                        Benjamin Franklin Gibson b August 30, 1837,   Nancy Mariah Gibson b 1841
                          D-215 James Gibson Caperton b September 5, 1808 Tennesee  d May 25, 1892 Jackson County, Alabama
                                                                                      m October 14, 1851 Bass, Alabama
                                             spouse:  Elizabeth Tally b June 29, 1819 Pleasant Grove  d May 1, 1853 Jackson County, Alabama
                          D-216 Mary "Polly" T. Caperton b 1813 Tennesee d  1885 Tennesee m 1839 Tennessee
                                             spouse:  John Fitzpatrick  b 1802 Tennesee
                                                 children:  John Fitzpatrick b 1840, James Fitzpatrick b 1844,  Hugh Fitzpatrick b 1849
                          D-217 John Clay Caperton  b July 16, 1815 Tennesee  d December 7, 1902 Alabama
                                                                              m November 4, 1851 Alabama
                                             spouse:   Elizabeth Gardiner Hogue b February 26, 1826 Tennesee  d May 15, 1853 Alabama
                                                  children:   Hugh James Caperton  b August 24, 1852
                          D-211 Eleanor Jane Caperton b May 23, 1821 Tennesee  d December 9, 1888  m 1835
                                             spouse: Adam Harrison Caperton b 1813  d June 27, 1885 Stevenson, Alabama
                                                  children:   Margaret Eleanor Caperton  b 1836
2.C-22    Col. George Caperton  (see below)  b 1777     d  4/4/1836
3.C-23 Elizabeth Caperton b June 2, 1778 Monroe Co., W. Virginia  d August 21, 1821 Franklin Co., Tennessee
                                                    m 7/12/1802 Madison Co, KY
                  spouse:  Archibald William Brooks  b January 1780  d October 6, 1820 Franklin County, Tennessee
                         D-231 Dillard Brooks b July 13, 1803
                         D-232 William G. Brooks b May 9, 1805
                         D-233 Mary Polly Brooks  b June 16, 1807
                         D-234 Louisianna Brooks  b June 2, 1809
                         D-235 Archibald W. Brooks  b May 29, 1811
                         D-236 Elizabeth Miller Brooks b September 10, 1813
                         D-237 Nancy Martin Brooks  b November 28, 1815
                         D-238 John Erskine Brooks  b September 18, 1820
4. Conrad Caperton b 1779
5.C-24 Hugh Caperton b April 17, 1781 Monroe Co., WV, Hans Creek  d February 9, 1847
                  spouse 1:  Jane Erskine b August 2, 1786  d May 20, 1831   m February 11, 1806
                         D-241 Elizabeth Caperton b May 12, 1807  
                                          spouse:  William Steenbergen, Jr.
                         D-242 Lewis Erskine Caperton  b November 16, 1808  d 1874  
                                           spouse:   Frances Carthrae Alexander
                         D243 Allen Taylor Caperton  b November 21, 1810  d 1876  m September 19, 1833  Lexington, Virginia
                                           spouse:   Harriette Echols b March 15, 1815  d September 23, 1886
                                               children:   Eliza Jane Caperton b February 1, 1835,
                                                                 Mary Caperton b May 3, 1838,
                                                                 Harriet Echols Caperton b June 13, 1840
                                                                 Melinda Caperton b June 22, 1842,
                                                                 Allen T. Caperton, Jr. b April 4, 1846,
                                                                 Lelia Caperton b April 28, 1852
                         D-244 Margaret Melinda Caperton  b August 21, 1812
                                            spouse:   Oliver Beirne  d 1888
                                                children:  Susan Beirne,  Nanny Beirne
                         D-245 William Gaston Caperton b February 14, 1815  d 1852
                                            spouse:   Harriette Boswell Alexander
                         D-246 John Alexander Caperton  b January 5, 1817  d 1900
                                             spouse:   Mary Elizabeth Guthrie
                         D-247 Hugh Caperton, Jr.  b January 14, 1821  d 1877
                                              spouse:   Eliza Jan Mosher
                         D-248 Mary Jane Caperton  b May 25, 1823  d 1874
                                               spouse:  John Echols
                         D-249 Sarah Ann Caperton  b June 29, 1826  d 1908
                                               spouse:   James F. Preston
                         D-24A George Henry Caperton  b December 5, 1828  d 1895
                                               spouse:   Mary Eliza Henderson
            spouse 2:   Delilah Beirne Alexander b July 27, 1804  d August 8, 1845  m January 16, 1834

C-22 Col. George Caperton
born:   March 13, 1777
died:   April 4, 1836
married:  June 28, 1798 Madison Kentucky
spouse 1:  Eleanor Conn  b 1777 Richmond, Madison, Kentucky
       spouse's parents:  Joseph Conn & Elizabeth
         spouse's grandparents:   Hugh Conn (Ireland) & Jeane (Maryland)
     1. D-221 Catherine Elizabeth Caperton b June 17, 1799 Madison Co., Kentucky  d June 20, 1873 Jackson Co., Alabama
             spouse:   Samuel Mitchell Cowan b October 20, 1798 Kentucky d June 21, 1860 m January 16, 1819
               spouse's parents:   John Cowan
                            Elizabeth Ann Cowan  m November 5, 1857 Franklin Co, Tennessee
                                    spouse:   John Fuqua
                             Samuel C. Cowan  b 1830 Jackson, Alabama  d 1858
                             George Elson Cowan b 1835 Jackson, Alabama  d 1868
                             John Finley Cowan  b about 1830 Jackson, Alabama
                             Alexander Hargiss Cowan  b  1843  d  1862
                             Hugh Caperton Cowan  b 1825 Jackson, Alabama  m ? Graham
                E-2212 Eleanor Susan Cowan  b 1821 Tennesee
                E-2213 Minerva Jane Cowan  b 1824 Franklin, Tennessee
                E-2214 Malinda Hugh Cowan  
                E-2217 James Harrison Cowan
                E-2218 William Mason Cowan
     2. D-223 Aletha Avis Caperton  b 1803 Richmond, Madison, Kentucky  d 1841 Alabama
             spouse:  Henry Norwood  m 1820 Bellefonte,Jackson, Alabama  b 1800 South Carolina  
                                                            d 1840  Belfonte,Jackson County, Alabama
                  spouse's parents:  Samuel Norwood &  Mary Logan
                E-2233George Alexander Norwood  m  Mary Matilda Lenoir
                                  children:   Mariah R. Norwood b July 2, 1846,  
                                                   Matilda Elias Norwood  b January 3, 1848
                E-2236 Hugh J. Norwood
                E-2237 Elizabeth Norwood b Bellefonte, Jackson Co., AL  
                                                                    m January 8, 1854 Jackson, Alabama
                                   spouse:  William Harris
                E-2235 Mary Melinda Norwood    b 1827 Bellefonte, Jackson Co, AL  
                                                                               d June 17, 1876 Jackson County, Al
                                                                              m October 17, 1846 Jackson, Alabama
                                   spouse:   William Macklin Morris McCutcheon  
                                                                          b September 5, 1821 Jackson, Alabama
                E-2232 Eleanor Norwood  b Bellefonte,Jackson Co.,AL
                                   spouse:   John E. Brooks  
                E-2231 Samuel Caperton Norwood  b December 31, 1821 Jackson Co, AL  
                                                                                     d July 17, 1896 Alabama
                                                                                    m February 25, 1846 Alabama
                                   spouse:   Sarah Mills b January 1, 1825 Alabama  
                                                                            d March 9, 1904 Alabama   
                E-2234 John Henry Norwood b November 23, 1828 Bellefonte, Jackson Co., Alabama  
                                                                       d November 12, 1891 Jackson Co.,TN
                                   spouse:   Margaret Netherland  m December 25, 1856  
     3. D-225 Permintina Caperton b aft. 1805 Richmond Twp, Madison Co., Kentucky
                                                               d 1842 Daingerfield, Morris Co, Texas  
                                                               m 1830 Jackson Co, Alabama
              spouse:   Dr. John Green Chambers  b April 2, 1798 Mecklinburg Co, Va  
                                                                                   d August 27, 1884 Daingerfield, Morris Co, Tx
                             Nancy Virginia Chambers b 1830 Jackson Co, Alabama m 1856
                                    spouse:   G.B. Conly
                                    children:  Katie Conly b 1859,  Claud Conly b 1865
                             Elizabeth Chambers
                             Elena Jane Chambers  b 1835 m 1855
                                    spouse:   George E. Cook  d  Bef. 1880
                                    children:  N. Cook,  Louisa Cook b 1856
                             George Caperton Chambers   b November 6, 1833 Alabama  
                                                                                       d February 8, 1897  
                                                                                       m Daingerfield, Morris Co, Tx
                                     spouse:   Sallie Willis
                             Marshall Chambers
                             Permintony Elizabeth Chambers  b 1833 Jackson Co, Alabama  
                                                                                              d 1863 Upshur Co, Texas
                                                                                              m 1854 Daingerfield, Titus Co, Texas
                                     spouse:   Thomas C. Montgomery  b January 13, 1819 Tennessee
                                     children:   Mary Montgomery b 1851,
                                                       Ida Elizabeth Montgomery b May 21, 1855,
                                                       John Thomas Montgomery b October 22, 1857
 Mary Mahalia Chambers

     4. D-227 Mahala Caperton b 1808 Richmond TWP,Madison,Kentucky
        spouse:   Alexander Hargess
        children:  Eleanor M.,  Permintony
     5. D-222 John Elson Caperton b 1801
     6. D-224 Hugh Prior Caperton b 9/30/1804
        spouse:   Paulina Clark  b June 6, 1808
        children:   Margaret Eleanor Caperton
     7. D-226 George Winfield Caperton b 11/9/1810 Jackson Co., Alabama   d 7/8/1868
         spouse: America Balinger Mundy, Lane Loller
     8. D-228 Adam Harrison Caperton b 1813 d 6/27/1885
              spouse: 1. Eleanor Jane Caperton (daughter of John Caperton & Elizabeth Gibson)
              spouse 2:   Mary Miller Clark  b  May 22, 1814  m 10/28/1834
              children:  E-2281Margaret Eleanor, E-2282Paulina, E-2283 George Sylvester
spouse 2:   Malvina Mundy (no children)

D-226 George Winfield Caperton
born: November 9, 1810 Jackson Co., Alabama
died:  July 8, 1868  buried in Caperton Cemetary, Stevenson, Alabama

spouse1: 1.  America Balinger Mundy b September 3, 1813 Tennessee  
                                                                        d May 5, 1857 Stevenson, Jackson Co. Alabama
1. E-226A William Caperton
2. E-2261 James George Caperton   b 1/19/1835 Jackson Co.,Alabama   d  8/8/1905 m 3/9/1864
       spouse:  Mary Isabelle Ragsdale  b December 30, 1841  
                                                                       d September 23, 1896 Stevenson, Jackson County, Alabama
             F-22612 Pleasant Eleanor Caperton  m 1885
                                  spouse:   Thomas L. McGhee  b 1860  d 1931
                                      children:  G-226121  Mary Opal McGhee
             F-22613 Hugh Caperton  
                                  spouse:   Mary Sterne
                                     children:  G-226131  Lawrence Caperton
             F-22614 George Henry Caperton  b May 12, 1879 Jackson Co., AL  d February 10, 1953  
                                   spouse:   Annie Kate Glove b 1880
                                     children:  G-226141  Beulah Caperton b 1902,
                                                      G-226142  James Glover Caperton b 1904,
                                                      G-226143  Elizabeth Katherine Caperton b 1907,
                                                      G-226144  Hugh Lewis Caperton b 1908,
                                                      G-226145  Thomas Norwood Caperton b 1911,  
                                                      G-226146  Mary Margaret Caperton b 1919
             F-22611 America James Caperton  b February 17, 1866  d 1935  
                                   spouse:   John Barney Kiser
                                      children:  G-226111  Annie Mary Kiser  b June 14, 1891,  
                                                       G-226112  Idaline Kiser  b November 28, 1893,
                                                       G-226113  Eleanor Clifford Kiser b April 5, 1896
3. E-2262 Hugh Elson Caperton b 1836 Jackson County, Alabama,  unmarried
4. E-2263 Adam Hugh Caperton b 1838   see info below on line continues
5. E-2264 John Fox Caperton b 1839  unmarried
6. E-2264 Eleanor Avis Caperton b 1841 Jackson, Alabama
           spouse:  Harry Burnett
7. E-2266 Elizabeth Paulina Caperton b 1843 m October 29, 1868 Stevenson, Jackson County, Alabama
           spouse:  Soloman Heyman
8. E-2267 Samuel Caperton b 1845
               children:  F-22671 Agnes P. Caperton b 1878  m November 3, 1897Jackson, Alabama
                                         spouse:   O. C. Buckner
9. E-2268 Mahala T. Caperton b February 12, 1848 Jackson, Alabama  d October 3, 1878
                                                         m  1872 Jackson, Alabama
        spouse:  James Hardy Foshee b April 3, 1846 Alabama  d March 13, 1914
            children:  F-22681 Ida Avis Foshee b 1873 Jackson, Alabama d 1945
                             F-22682 Ada Foshee (twin, died at birth) 1873
                             F-22683 Aline Foshee b 1876 Jackson, Alabama
                             F-22684 John Burnett Foshee b January 19, 1877  Jackson, Alabama  
                                                                                      d December 20, 1946
10 E-2269 George Winfield Caperton, Jr. b 1849  d Texas
                                                             m September 21, 1870 Stevenson, Jackson County, Alabama
         spouse:  Nancy Lucretia C. Winder
            children:  F-22691 Paulina Jane Caperton  b February 26, 1872  Cooke County, Texas  
                                                                    d November 28, 1938 Ardmore, Carter County, Oklahoma
                                                      spouse:   John Andrew Leeper b March 27, 1868 Waco, Texas  
                                                                                                m November 18, 1891 Whitesboro, Texas

spouse2 Lane Loller (George Winfield Caperton's 2nd wife)
                 George and Lane had 2-3 daughters but I do not have the names at this time.

E-2263 Adam Hugh Caperton
born: 1838  Alabama
died Bef. 1880   
m August 6, 1866 Stevenson, Jackson County, Alabama
spouse:  Ruth Ann Askin b 1847 Missouri  (parents born in Kentucky)
                   They lived in  Stephenson, Alabama.  Adam was a Circuit Judge.
1. F-22631 George Alexander Caperton b June 15, 1867 Tennessee  
                                                                            d August 22, 1900 Jackson county, Alabama
                         (listed on 1900 Alabama Census)
2. F-22632 Hughie Ruth Caperton b 1870 Jackson County, Alabama  d Browken Bow, Oklahoma   m 1895
                         spouse:   George Anderson  b March 12, 1870  d June 1967 Browken Bow, Oklahoma
                                Hughie and George are listed in the 1920 and 1930 McCurtain County Oklahoma Census.  
                                Living with them, in 1920, are Hughie's sister Addie and her son Allie Hugh Grider.  
                                Hughie is also listed living with her mother in the 1880 Scottsboro, Jackson, Alabama Census
3. F-22633 Jack Foster Caperton see line continues          
4. F-22634 Addie L. Caperton b June 27, 1876 Scottsboro, Jackson, Alabama  
                                                         d January 6, 1927 Jackson County, Alabama
            spouse:  William Reid Grider b March 7, 1871 Jackson County, Alabama
                                                                      d April 2, 1911 Jackson County, Alabama
                                                                      m 1893 Jackson County, Alabama
              children: G-226341 Ruth Grider b February 1894 Jackson County, Alabama
                              G-226342 William Reid Grider  b July 1896
                              G-226343 Aurie Hugh Grider  b  1901
                              G-226344  Living Grider
                              G-226345   Allie Hugh Grider  b November 21, 1900 Stevenson, Jackson Co, Alabama  d August 23, 1963 Lewisville, Denton County,Texas
                                                            I have conflicting info on Aurie and Allie...are they the same person?  

F-22633 Jack Foster Caperton
AKA "Big Jack"
born: November 19, 1870  Stevenson, Jackson County, Alabama
died: February 26, 1956  Pine Bluff, Jefferson County, Arkansas
spouse 1:  Mamie Knapp
children: (Mamie & Jack)
1. G-226331 Mamie Caperton b May 5, 1893 Texas  d October 15, 1968 Pine Bluff, Jefferson County, Arkansas
                             spouse: Forrest L. Garrison  b 1853 Pennsylvania
                                children:  H-2263311 Forrest L. Garrison Jr.
                                                 H-2263312 Phyliss Mary Garrison
                                                 H-2263313 Elizabeth Ann Garrison
spouse 2:  Lena Belle Irvin b  June 9, 1886 Daingerfield, Morris County, Texas
                                                    d January 11, 1945 Pine Bluff, Jefferson County, Arkansas
                                                    m  1902 Daingerfield, Morris County, Texas
             spouse's parents: Josiah Shruptine Irvin &  Josephine Williams
               spouse's siblings: Emily Eva Irvin b 1884, Hughie Irvin,                                             
                                               Reola Malinda Irvin b September 20, 1870,
                                               Isaiah Morgan Irvin b 1866, Richard Marvin Irvin b 1877,
                                               John Bird Irvin  b 1879, Maryetta Georgia Irvin b 1872,
                                               Media V. Irvin b 1874, Joseph Foster Irvin b 1875,
                                               William Oscar Irvin b 1882
children: (Lena & Jack)
2. G-226332 Edward Paul Caperton (photo) b July 24, 1904 Pine Bluff, Arkansas
                                                                                 d  January 1984 Little Rock, Arkansas
            spouses:  Marion A. Bailey, Dorothy ?, Lois ?
                 children with Marion:
                               H-2263321 Edward Paul Caperton, Jr.
                                                          b August 19, 1928 Pine Bluff, Jefferson County, Arkansas  d ?
                                     spouse:  Betty Carroll (living)
                               H-2263322 Sue Maren Caperton (living)
                                     spouse:  Eugene Frank Nelson, Jr.
3. G-226333 Maurice Caperton b August 14, 1907 Pine Bluff, Arkansas
                                                           d  September 17, 1997 Pine Bluff
            spouse:  Robert Dalby b August 18, 1908 Arkansas  
                                                       d July 23, 1979 Pine Bluff, Jefferson County, Arkansas
               spouse's parents:  Mack Dalby  &   Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Goggans
             children:  H-2263331 Betty Joan Dalby (living)
                                          spouse1:    Kenneth West
                                          spouse2:    Joe Crabb
4. G-226334Jack Foster Caperton, II   see line continues

G-226334 Jack Foster Caperton, Jr.
AKA "Big Jack"
born: 8/6/1909 Pine Bluff, Arkansas
died: 7/22/1989 Cotton Plant, Arkansas
married:  December 27, 1935  Little Rock, Arkansas
    We called him "Big Jack".  Big Jack was once a Cotton Plant Marshall.  He owned "Jacks Pit Bar-B-Q"
in Cotton Plant, just across from Stewmon's Automotive, off Main Street, behind the bank.  The building is
no longer there.  People came from all over the state on Sunday's to eat there.  He would stand behind
the counter and talk to everyone.  Jack was tall, 6'3".  He played semi pro basketball in his younger years
and still holds numerous records in Pine Bluff High School and Teacher's College.  
He worked on the railroad in Pine Bluff for a short period and drove a delivery truck for Colonial bread.
spouse:  Ruth Kyle Shelton (living)  (photo) b  March 22, 1913 Cotton Plant, Arkansas
      spouse's parents: William Rossen Shelton &  Madeline Simmons   (photo)
1. H-2263341 Ruth Ann Caperton (living) b 7/21/1937
         spouse:  Harold Richard Neal (living)  b  December 10, 1935
2. H-2263342Jack Foster Caperton, III b 8/20/1938 Newport, Arkansas
        spouse: Carolyn June Pulliam

H-2263342 Jack Foster Caperton, III
AKA "Little Jack"
Photo of Jack    Photo of Jack & Carolyn
born: August 20, 1938 Newport, Arkansas
married:  November 26, 1960 Little Rock, Arkansas
spouse:  Carolyn June Pulliam (living) b June 25, 1942 Brinkley, Arkansas
       spouse's parents: Aaron Madison Pulliam &  Virgie Minnie Murtishaw
1. I-22633421 Angela Carol Caperton b October 29, 1961 Little Rock, Arkansas
        spouse 1:  Robert William Pearson m 4/21/1978 div: 1980
        spouse 2:  Michael Ellis Cornell b August 15, 1960 Little Rock, Arkansas  m 1/11/1984
          children: J-226334211 Robert William Pearson, Jr.  b November 18, 1978
                          J-226334212 Andrew Paul Cornell b May 26, 1986
                          J-226334213 Patrick Kyle Cornell b September 13, 1989
2. I-22633422 Jack Stanley Caperton b July 19,1965 Little Rock, Arkansas
        spouse:  Tangela Jean Temple m December 27,1984
          children: J-226334221 Brittany Beth Caperton
                          J-226334222 Shelton Leigh Caperton
                          J-226331223 Jaclyn Charlsea Caperton

Our Caperton Line will stop here since there are no male Caperton's to carry on the name in our direct line.

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