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Shelton Genealogy

Research by Angela Cornell
                       Ginger Lane (Hill Family)
                       Nadean Bell (Paine Family)
                       Shelton Family Group Researchers

I am so excited!  The Shelton Genealogy Researchers, many, have done so much work on this line, I have found my James Shelton that has been my brickwall for several years.  I am so very grateful to you all.  I would love to list your names, please email me with your permission.

The Shelton DNA project is very interesting.  The Manager of the Project is Margaret Shelton.  The web page for Margaret's collected data


Best:  Rebecca,
Blakey: George
Burkett:  Grace,
Caperton: Angela,  Jack Foster, Jack Foster III, Jack S.,
Cato:  Elizabeth
Chambers:  Balinda
Chaney:  Ola, W.A.,
Collier:  Henry
Crispin:  Mary, Thomas,
Crossett:  Emma Margaret
Daniel:  Mary,
Davis:  Elizabeth,  John D.,   William,
Dixon or Dison: Sally
Dunlap: Martha Ann Dunlap
Flutcher:  Nancy
Ford:  Louise Elizabeth "Lidie"
Hayes:  Elizabeth,  James,  James H.,
Hill:  Helen M.,  Martha, Mooring, William
Jeffett:  Sidney,
Lawson:  Elizabeth,
Long:  Mary
Loofman:  Etta
McCallum:  Ann,  Daniel, Elizabeth, James N., John,  Mary B., Xantippa
Medley:  Priscilla,
Miller:  Elizabeth
Montegue:  Letittia,
Munday:  Catherine,  James,
Neal: Harold Richard
Nelson:  Cynthia,  John
Paine:   Mary, Mary Elizabeth, Robert,
Probert:    Hannah,  Mary,   William
Pulliam:  Carolyn
Robinson:  Mary,  
Shelton:  Abraham,  Absolum,  Alfred,  Allie,  Ann, Ann,  Anna,  Anna C., Anna Gray,  Armistead,  Azariah,  Benjamin, Benjamin Jr.,   Beverely,  Buckner,  Catherine,  Catherine, Catherine,  Clary,  Clever,  Crispin,  Crispin ll,  Daniel,  Daniel Jr.,  David,  Derina,  Edmond N., Eddina, Edmond, Edmond B., Edmond M., Edna, Edolyde,  Eliphaz,  Elizabeth,  Elizabeth,  Elizabeth, Elizabeth,  Elizabeth,  Elizabeth,  Elizabeth M.,  Frederick,  Gabriel,  George,  Godfrey,  Gracie B.,  Hezekiah,  J.L,  Jacob,   James, James,  James,  James,  James J.,   James L.,  James P.,  James Robert, James W.,  Jane,  Jeremiah, Jerimiah,  John,  John,  John B.,  John B., John Jr.,   John L.,  John Robert, John Thomas, Josiah, Josiah Jr.,  Kathern, Leonard,   Lena,  Leroy,   Lewis,  Louisa,  Lucy,  Lula, Lutie B.,  Mable,  Mark,   Martha, Martha A.,  Mary,  Mary,  Mary, Mary,  Mary A.,  Mary Elizabeth "Molly", Mary L.,  Medley, Medley Jr., Micajah,  Millicent,  Minnie, Mollie,  Nathan,  Palatiah,  Pattie Lou, Pattie Lou,  Patsey,  Ralph,  Ralph Jr., Ralph III,   Rebecca, Reuben,  Reuben Jr.,   Reuben L.,  Rhoda, Robert,  Robert P.,  Roderick,  Roderick,  Ruth Ann, Ruthey,  Ruth Kyle,  Sally,   Samuel,  Sarah,  Sarah,  Sarah,  Sarah E.,  Solomon D.,  Solomon P., Spencer,  Susannah,  Susannah,  Susannah,  Thomas, Thomas,   Thomas, Thomas,  Thomas Jr., Thomas Jr., Thomas Jr,  Thomas P.,  Thomas R.,  Tunstal,  Ursula,  Vincent,   Wesley,  William,   William,  William,  William,  William DB,  William J.,  William Rossen,  William Rossen Jr., Willie D.,  Willis,   Young,   Xantippe,
Shelton Slaves: Benny Shelton, Jake Shelton,  Ike Roland,
Simmons:  John Wils,  Madeline
Southard:  Mary"Polly",
Smith:  Sarah
Tarpley:  Abel L., Alfred R.,  Francis A.,  Irving W.,  Louisa S., Martha V.,  Mary C., Paschal, Robert,  Robert I., Sarah M., Solomon, Susannah,  Thomas A., William J.,
Trice:  Elizabeth,  Irma, J.R.,  John Robert Jr, James P., James Peter,  John R., John Robert,  Martha A., Martha L.,  Nina, Pauline, Pauline, Taz, Tazwell Sr.,   William Edward,   William Tell, Zirlene,
Waits:  D.C.,
Ward:  Elizabeth,
Whitmore:  George, Mary, Susan
Young:  Lettie

 Ralph Shelton
b 1685 Middlesex County, Virginia
d 1734 Middlesex County, Virginia
m 1706 Virginia

spouse:   Mary Crispin  b 1691 Middlesex County, Virginia  d August 29, 1771 Pittsylvania County, Virginia
                        spouse parents:  Thomas Crispin b 1670  and   Mary Long b 1663 Bath County, North Carolina
       children:  1.   Ralph Shelton Jr.  b October 23, 1709 Virginia  d March 30, 1789 Virginia  
                                                                  m June 10, 1731 Christ Church,Middlesex Co.,Virginia
                              spouse:   Mary Daniel b May 07, 1713 Virginia  d 1764 Henry Co,Virginia
                              children: a.   John Shelton b 1732  Virginia
                                              b.   Ralph Shelton III   b 1735  Virginia
                                              c.   Palatiah Shelton  b 1736 Virginia  d Knox Co., Tennessee
                                              d.   Eliphaz Shelton  b 1740 Virginia  d August 1826
                                              e.   Hezekiah Shelton  b 1736 Virginia  d Aft. 1814  Tennessee
                                              f.   Jerimiah Shelton  b 1740  Virginia  d January 25, 1829 Butler County, Kentucky
                                              g.   Azariah Shelton  b 1747 Amelia County, Virginia  
                                              h.   Roderick Shelton  b 1748 Amelia County, Virginia
                                              i.   Kathern Shelton  b 1749  Amelia County, Virginia
                                              j.   Sarah Shelton  b 1750 Amelia county, Virginia
                                              k.  Derina Shelton  b 1743  Amelia Co., Virginia
                                              l.   Susannah Shelton  b 1753  Amelia Co., Virginia
                                              m.  James J. Shelton  b  1734 Essex County Virginia  d 1816 Lincoln County Tennessee
                                              n.   Elizabeth Shelton  b  1751 Amelia Co., Virginia
                                              o.   Roderick Shelton  b 1755 Amelia Co., Virginia  
                                                                                         d  1816 Laurel, Buncombe Co., North Carolina
                    2.     Thomas Shelton b 1707  d  March 24, 1741  (see below)
                    3.   Elizabeth Shelton  b 1711 Middlesex,Virginia  d  1749 Hanover,Virginia  
                                                                m October 09, 1728  Middlesex County, Virginia
                                 spouse:   William Davis
                                        children:   Elizabeth Davis,   John Dab Davis
                    4.   Crispin Eliphas Shelton  b April 01, 1713  Middlesex County, Virginia  
                                                                          d October 08, 1784 Pittsylvania Co., Virginia
                                                                           m 1734 Middlesex County, Virginia
                                  spouse:   Letittia Montague  b 1715 Middlesex County, Virginia
                                               a.   Spencer Shelton b 1743 Amelia County, Virginia
                                               b.   Armistead Shelton  b  May 05, 1753 Amelia County, Virginia  d  June 16, 1844
                                               c.   William Shelton  b  March 04, 1735  Middlesex County, Virginia  d  June 1789
                                               d.   Abraham Shelton b 1737 Middlesex County, Virginia  d 1789 Pitts county, Virginia
                                               e.   Lewis Shelton b 1741 Middlesex County, Virginia
                                               f.    Beverley Shelton b 1743 Amelia County, Virginia
                                               g.   Jane Shelton b 1753 Amelia County, Virginia
                                               h.   Vincent Shelton  b 1755  d 1858  (can't be, he would be over 100)
                                                i.   Elizabeth Shelton  b 1757 Amelia County, Virginia  d January 21, 1799
                                                j.   Susannah Shelton  b 1761  Amelia county, Virginia  d  1843
                                                k.   Crispin Eliphas Shelton II  b 1752
                                                l.   Gabriel Shelton  b  1742 Pittsylvania, Virginia  d  June 20, 1803  
                      5.   Reuben Shelton  b  April 1715  Middlesex, Virginia  d  October 08, 1715
                      6.      Mary Shelton  b  1716  d  1719
                      7.   Catherine Shelton  b  January 26, 1718  Amelia, Virginia  d  1750  
                                      spouse:   George Blakey  on December 31, 1743  Middlesex County, Virginia
                      8.   John Shelton  b July 19, 1722  Middlesex County, Virginia  d  1778
                                        spouse:   Elizabeth Lawson  b  1726
                                                children:  John Shelton Jr.,   Mark Shelton
                      9.   Benjamin Shelton  b June 18, 1724  Middlesex County, Virginia  m  Mary in 1749
                                         children:  Benjamin Shelton Jr.,  Leonard Shelton,   Clever Shelton
                      10.  James Shelton  b February 23, 1725  Middlesex County, Virginia  
                                        d May 14, 1784  Lunenburg Co., Virginia  m Philepinea in 1748
                                   children:  William Shelton, Samuel Shelton,  Elizabeth Shelton,
                                                    James Shelton,  Nathan Shelton
                      11.   Daniel Shelton  b May 17, 1729  Middlesex County, Virginia  
                                                              d September 18, 1809Pittsylvania County, Virginia  
                                                              m 1750 Middlesex County, Virginia
                                         spouse:   Lettie Young  b Bet. 1734 - 1738  Middlesex County, Virginia
                                                 children:  a.   Susannah Shelton  b 1800
                                                                  b.   Clary Shelton  b 1796
                                                                  c.   Millicent Shelton  b 1792
                                                                  e.   Daniel Shelton Jr.
                                                                   f.   Anna Shelton  b 1794
                                                                  g.   Young Shelton  b 1782
                                                                  h.   Tunstal Shelton  b  1786
                                                                   i.   Sally Shelton
                                                                   j.   Mary Shelton  b 1798
                                                                   k.   Willis Shelton  b 1790
                                                                   l.   Leroy Shelton  b 1782
                                                                  m.  David Shelton  b 1788

Thomas Shelton, Sr.
b 1707 (probably Virginia)
d March 24, 1741
m January 14, 1729 Middlesex County, Virginia
spouse:  Mary Probert  b November 16, 1708 Middlesex County, Virginia
               spouse parents:   William Probert & Hannah ?
      children:  1.  Thomas Shelton, Jr.  (see below)
                       2.  Josiah Shelton  b 1735 Virginia  m  Elizabeth
                                           children:   Josiah Shelton Jr. b 1775
                                                            Godfrey Shelton
                                                            Absolum Shelton
                                                            Ann Shelton
                                                            Ruthey Shelton
                                                            Patsey Shelton
                                                            Elizabeth Shelton
                      3.    Mary Shelton b February 21, 1736 Middlesex County, Virginia  
                                                          d August 05, 1742  Middlesex County, Virginia
                      4.    Reuben Shelton  b May 06, 1733  Middlesex County, Virginia   
                                                                 m November 1755 Culpepper County, Virginia
                                   spouse:   Pricilla Mary Medley  b 1735 Middlesex County, Virginia
                                     a. Thomas Shelton  b January 06, 1756 Virginia  
                                                   d 1815 Virginia  m  Rebecca Best b 1860 Virginia  d 1818 Georgia
                                     b. Mary Shelton  b March 13, 1760 Virginia
                                     c. Medley Shelton b September 08, 1762 Virginia, d March 10, 1839 Kentucky  
                                                                          m October 14, 1783 Virginia
                                               spouse:   Elizabeth Ward  b August 14, 1753 Virginia  d Aft. August 1843 Kentucky
                                                   children:  Medley Shelton, Jr.  b  October 13, 1798  Virginia
                                                                      Jacob Ward Shelton b October 25, 1784 Virginia
                                                                      Mary Shelton b February 24, 1788 Virginia
                                                                      Ann Shelton  b April 26, 1790 Virginia
                                                                       John B. Shelton  b June 11, 1796  Virginia
                                     d.   George Shelton
                                     e.   Reuben Shelton, Jr.   
                                     f.    Robert Shelton   
                    5.   Micajah Shelton  b  June 20, 1742  Middlesex County, Virginia

 Thomas Shelton, Jr.
b May 02, 1740 Middlesex, Virginia
d 1802 Orange County, North Carolina
m 1760 Essex County, Virginia
spouse:  Catherine Munday  b 1744
       spouse parents:  James Munday and Lucy
             spouse siblings:  Ursula Munday, Mary Munday, Lucy Munday, Elizabeth Munday, Thomas Munday
    children:  1. Edmond Shelton  (see below)
                    2.   Thomas Shelton b 1765 Virginia  d 1815 Lincoln County, Tennessee
                               children:  Alfred M. Shelton  b 1806,   Thomas Shelton, Jr. b 1800
                    3.    James Shelton
                    4.   Mary Shelton b 1766   m  Henry Collier
                    5.    Buckner Shelton b about  1771  Virginia  d 1843 Kentucy  
                                        m  July 26, 1787  Greensville County, Virginia
                                spouse:   Elizabeth "Betsy" Cato  b 1775 Virginia  d between 1815-1818 Kentucy
                                    children:   Robert Shelton b 1798 Virginia
                                                      John B. Shelton  b 1802 Virginia
                                                      Catherine Nancy Shelton  b 1806  South Carolina
                                                      William Shelton  b 1809  South Carolina
                                                      Sarah Sally Shelton b March 31, 1810 Kentucky
                                                      Thomas Shelton  b 1812 Kentucky
                                                      Rebecca Shelton b March 19, 1815 Kentucky
                    6.   Frederick Shelton b about 1769  m  Mary "Polly" Robinson on June 10, 1811 in Virginia
                    7.    Jeremiah Shelton b 1773 Virginia  d 1881 North Carolina  
                                      m  Nancy Flutcher on July 16, 1880 in Surry, North Carolina
                    8.   Rhoda Shelton  b 1875  m  James Hayes on December 15, 1803 in Orange County, North Carolina
                                        children:  James H. Hayes,   Elizabeth Hayes
                    9.    John L. Shelton  b 1779  
                                  m   Polly Southard  on November 01, 1809 in Person County, North Carolina
                  10.    Elizabeth Shelton  b 1785
                  11.    Catherine Shelton  b 1785
                  12.    Ursula Shelton  b 1787 Greensville Co., Virginia
                  13.    Lucy Shelton  b 1789 Greensville Co., Virginia

 Edmond Shelton
b March 18, 1770 Greensville county, Virginia
d 1846 Giles County, Tennessee
m February 13, 1798  Person County, North Carolina
spouse:   Mary Paine  b December 27, 1779  Person, North Carolina  d 1844 Giles County, Tennessee
         spouse's parents:  Robert Paine  &   Elizabeth Miller
    1.  James N. Shelton  (See below)
    2.   Elizabeth Miller Shelton  b August 17, 1799 Person, North Carolina  d 1844  m 1820
              spouse:  ? Wilson
    3.   Thomas Peters Shelton  b January 11, 1801 Person, North Carolina m  1829 Luaderdale County, Alabama
               spouse:   Balinda C. Chambers  b 1803 Person, North Carolina
    4.   Martha Shelton  b December 5, 1804 North Carolina
               spouse:   Paschal Tarpley b 1801 Virginia
                   children:  a.   Thomas Aquilla Tarpley b 1826
                                    b.   Solomon Tarpley b 1828
                                    c.   Robert Inman Tarpley b 1837
                                    d.   Abel L.Tarpley  b June 27, 1828
                                    e.   Louisa Synthia Tarpley b 1848
                                    f.   Alfred Richard Tarpley  b October 1850
                                    g.   William James Tarpley b February 5, 1822
                                    h.   Mary Catherine Tarpley  b December 29, 1826
                                     i.   Sarah Mildred Tarpley  b 1835
                                    j.   Irving Wesley Tarpley  b 1843
                                    k.   Susannah Tarpley  b 1852
                                    l.   Francis Alexander Tarpley b 1854
                                    m.   Martha Virginia Tarpley b 1855
    5.   Robert Paine Shelton  b October 18, 1806 Person, North Carolina
    6.   Edmond Munday Shelton b April 7, 1809  d May 6, 1850
                spouse:  Elizabeth ?  b about 1815  (we think, North Carolina)
                    children:  a.   William Shelton  b 1833
                                     b.   Wesley Shelton  b 1836
                                     c.   Mary A. Shelton  b 1839
                                     d.   James P. Shelton b 1843
                                     e.   Louisa Shelton  b 1849
    7.   Solomon P. Shelton b April 23, 1811  Person, North Carolina
    8.   Sarah Shelton b April 13, 1813 Person, North Carolina
               spouse:  ? Whitmore
                     children:  a.   George Whitmore
                                      b.   Mary Whitmore
                                      c.   Susan Whitmore
    9.   William D.Brown Shelton  b March 1, 1815  Person, North Carolina  d February 14, 1847  Giles, Tennessee m February 18, 1834
                spouse:   Mary Bell McCallum  b November 13, 1811 Giles, Tennessee  
                                                                       d September 11, 1857 Giles Co, Tennessee
                     spouse's parents:  Daniel Mccallum  &   Sarah Smith
                        spouse's siblings:  James Neil McCallum,  John McCallum,   Ann McCallum,  
                                                         Elizabeth J. McCallum,   Xantippa McCallum
                 children:  a.   Sarah Elizabeth Shelton  b March 23, 1835 Giles Co, Tennessee  d December 26, 1879
                                  b.   Xantippe Irvine Shelton  b March 24, 1846 Giles Co, Tennessee  d July 1878
                                            spouse:   D. C. Waits
                                  c.   Martha Ann Shelton  b July 26, 1843 Giles Co, Tennessee  
                                                                              d October 14, 1894 Cotton Plant, Woodruff Co., Arkansas
                                             spouse:   J. L. Shelton b 1839 Giles Co, Tennessee
                                         (my grandmother always said Martha and children were double cousins to us)
                                             children: c1.   Pattie Lou Shelton b October 15, 1865 Cotton Plant, Woodruff Co., Arkansas
                                                            c2.   James William Shelton
                                                                                    b November 22, 1861 Cotton Plant, Woodruff Co., Arkansas
                                                                                   d June 22, 1862
                                  d.   Solomn David Shelton  b August 6, 1839 Giles Co, Tennessee  d November 7, 1858
                                  e.   Edmund Baxter Shelton  b November 27, 1837 Giles Co, Tennessee
                                                                                     d November 3, 1899 Howell, Arkansas
                                              spouse:  Etta L. Loofman b December 30, 1854 Giles Co, Tennessee
                                                                               d January 21, 1937 Howell, Arkansas
                                                    children: e1.  Pattie Lou Shelton b January 8, 1888 Giles Co, Tennessee  
                                                                                          d June 24, 1888
                                                                    e2.  Lutie Bell Shelton b October 9, 1889 Giles Co, Tennessee
                                                                    e3.  Gracie Baxter Shelton b October 24, 1882 Giles Co, Tennessee
                                                                                         d July 2, 1941 Howell, Arkansas
                                                                    e4.  James Layton Shelton b March 3, 1885 Giles Co, Tennessee
                                                                    e5.  Willie D. Shelton b March 27, 1887Giles Co, Tennessee
                                                                                        d November 4, 1887
                                                                    e6.  Reuben Loofman Shelton b April 9, 1892 Giles Co, Tennessee
                                                                    e7.  Mary Lee Shelton b September 8, 1881

 James N. Shelton
b February 7, 1803  Giles, Tennessee
d Aft. 1847 & Bef. 1870 Woodruff County, Arkansas
spouse:   Cynthia Nelson  b 1806
               spouse's parents:   John Nelson
    1.    John Robert Shelton b September 2, 1831
    2.     Edmond N. Shelton  b 1827 Tennessee d February 22, 1873 Prison during Civil War
                   (Was married in Tennessee, when he brought his wife and 4 children to Arkansas, they got Maleria and all
                   died.  He later married Sally Dison and had more children. He fought under the Confederate Army,
                   was captured by the Yankees and
                         died in prison)
                spouse 1:   unknown
                       children:   William J. Shelton b 1852

               spouse 2  Sally A. Dison  
                  children:     Lena Shelton b October 1870
                                      Allie M. Shelton (twin) b January 1873  m 1898 Arkansas
                                                spouse 1:  Anne B.  b March 1872 Mississippi
                                                 spouse 2: Etta Carter
                                              Allie and Anne had a child servant, black, Frank Crawford, age 11 that lived with them
                                              according to the 1900 AR census.
                                        Twin Shelton  b January 1873  died at birth
                                      Edna Shelton
                                      Edolyde Shelton  (this could be Edna, not sure) b 1868  
                                                 (last found her on the 1870 Augusta, AR census)
    3.     Thomas R. Shelton b 1839  d 1873  (Confederate Captain, Richland Rangers)
                   spouse:  Louise Elizabeth Long (Bettie)  b September 19, 1849 Newburg, Franklin Co., Alabama  
                                                                                        d June 7, 1889 Cotton Plant, Woodruff Co., Arkansas
                            Bettie married after Thomas' death:  
                                   Abel L.Tarpley m February 10, 1875 Cotton Plant, Woodruff Co., Arkansas
    4.     "Mollie" Mary E. Shelton

 John Robert Shelton
b September 2, 1831  Tennessee
d   December 22, 1878  Cotton Plant, Arkansas
m 1856 Cotton Plant, Arkansas

John was a Confederate Captain in the Richland Rangers.   In 1854, he immigrated to Woodruff County, from Tennessee, where he occupied himself with farming.   He was a soldier in the Confederate army and received the title of captain.  Family moved to Arkansas in 1844.   Photo of the Grave Stone for John Robert Shelton.
spouse: Mary Elizabeth  Paine (Payne)  b July 17, 1839 Tennessee
                                                                          d July 21, 1926 Cotton Plant, Woodruff County, Arkansas (1880 Census)
                                                                            Photo of Grave Stone of ME Shelton
1.  Lula Shelton b November 1862 Arkansas   d June 23, 1931 Cotton Plant, Woodruff County, Arkansas  
                    m 1881 Cotton Plant, Woodruff County, Arkansas
              spouse: Paul William Hill b March 21, 1853 North Carolina  
                                                              d July 20, 1906 Cotton Plant, Woodruff County, Arkansas
                     children: 1.  Paul William Hill, Jr.  b July 1884 Arkansas d after 1930 Arkansas
                                      children: Mooring Hill,  Helen Mooring Hill
                                    2. Martha Hill
             notes:  Listed on 1880, 1920, 1930 Censuses (Arkansas)
2.  "Minnie" Minerva C. Shelton b September 1863   m January 1884 Cotton Plant, Arkansas
             spouse:  William Tell  Trice b May 17, 1859
                             spouse parents:  Tazewell Wee Trice, Sr  b December 05, 1813.  
                                                           Martha Ann Dunlap b November 04, 1829
                                  spouse siblings:  Benjamin Trice,  Elizabeth Trice, Pauline Trice, James Peter Trice, Martha L. Trice,  John Robert Trice
                  children:   Irma Trice b November 27, 1897 d March 1982 Cotton Plant, Arkansas(never married)
                                    Zirlene Trice  (never married),
                                    Tazwell Trice  m  Martha A.
                                            children:  John R. Trice, James Peter Trice, Pauline Trice,  Martha A. Trice
                                    William Edward b November 14, 1892 Arkansas  d September 1967 Arkansas
3.  Anna Gray Shelton b 1870  died before marriage
               (Mary Elizabeth was appointed her guardian in 1882 so this may be a grandchild instead of a child)
4.  Mary Elizabeth "Molly" Shelton b 1866  
                     (Mary Elizabeth was appointed her guardian in 1882 so this may be a grandchild instead of a child)
               spouse:   John Robert Trice  (Son of above Tazwell Wee Trice, Sr.)
                    children:   John Robert Trice, Jr. b  1898 d  1959    
                                                      m Grace Burkett b August 23, 1898  d June 17, 1973
                                     Nina Trice b  October 1893 in Arkansas  d 1947  m   Sidney J. Jeffett  b 1889  d 1932
5.  Thomas R. Shelton b 1859 Arkansas (living with sister Lula in 1930 per census)
6.   James Robert Shelton  b 1/21/1858 d 8/3/1937
7.    Eddinia S. Shelton  b 1868 Arkansas  
              (Mary Elizabeth was appointed her guardian in 1882 so this may be a grandchild instead of a child)
8.    John Thomas Shelton  b August 1860 Arkansas  d 1934
9.    Anna C. Shelton  b September 1870  d August 17, 1902  
             (This may have been Anna Gray Shelton, same year of birth)

Shelton Family Slaves:  Benny Shelton and family, Benny's Brother Ike Roland whom did not take the Shelton name,  Jake Shelton called "Uncle Jake".  There were many others but I do not have the names.  

 James Robert Shelton
b 1/21/1858 Cotton Plant, Arkansas (AR)
d 8/3/1937 Cotton Plant, Arkansas
m October 1886 Cotton Plant, Arkansas

spouse: Ola  Chaney b 6/27/1866 Cotton Plant, Arkansas d 1945 Cotton Plant, AR  
                         spouse's parents: W.A. Chaney & Emma Margaret  Crossett
1.  Mable Shelton b Cotton Plant  b 1890
2. William Rossen Shelton b 11/27/1889 in Cotton Plant  d 8/22/1968 Cotton Plant, Arkansas

James was 2 years old when the yankees came and raided their home.  His pony was killed by the yankees.  Later in life, he was a farmer and owned a dry goods store in Cotton Plant.  He left the store and farm to William, his son.  The farm remains in our family.  The store was closed in the late 1970's.

 William Rossen Shelton
b 11/27/1889 Newark, Arkansas
d 8/22/1968 Cotton Plant, Arkansas
spouse: Madeline  Simmons b 7/15/1895 Beebe, White County, Arkansas
                                                       d 12/30/1975 Cotton Plant, Arkansas
                                                      m 2/24/1912 Beebe, Arkansas
                       spouse's parents: John Wils Simmons & Lidie E.  Ford
1. Ruth Kyle Shelton (living) b 3/22/1913 Cotton Plant, Arkansas
2.  William Rossen Shelton, Jr. b 2/24/1921 d 7/17/1924 Cotton Plant, AR

 Ruth Kyle Shelton (living)
b 3/22/1913 Cotton Plant, Arkansas
d May 7, 2006 Cotton Plant, Arkansas
spouse: Jack Foster  Caperton, II b 8/6/1909 Pine Bluff, Jefferson County, Arkansas
                                                                d 7/22/1989 Cotton Plant, Arkansas
                                                                m 12/27/1935 Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas
                              spouse's parents: Jack Foster Caperton, Sr. & Lena Bell Irvin
1. Ruth Ann Caperton b 7/21/1937 m  Harold Richard Neal
2. Jack Foster Caperton, III b 8/20/1938 Newport, Arkansas

 Jack Foster Caperton, III
b 8/20/1938 Newport, Arkansas
spouse:  Carolyn June Pulliam b 6/25/1942 Brinkley, Arkansas m 11/26/1960 Brinkley
                       spouse's parents: Aaron Madison Pulliam & Virgie Minnie Murtishaw
1. Angela Carol Caperton b 10/29/1961 Little Rock, Arkansas
2.  Jack Stanley Caperton b 7/19/1965 m Tangela Temple
             children: Brittany, Shelle, Jaclyn

 Angela Carol Caperton
b 10/29/1961 Little Rock, Arkansas
spouse 1: Robert William Pearson, Sr. m April 1978 Brinkley, Monroe County, Arkansas
spouse 2: Michael Ellis Cornell b 8/15/1960 Little Rock, Pulaski County, AR
                           m January 11,1984 Little Rock, AR
1. Robert William Pearson, Jr. b 11/18/1978
2. Andrew Paul Cornell b 5/26/1986
3. Patrick Kyle Cornell b 9/13/1989

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1930 AR Census
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US Marriage Records: Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, Tennessee

** Cotton Plant was in Monroe County for a few years then was placed in Woodruff County.  Not sure of the years at this time.

** Beebe was in Lonoke County at one time as well.