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Research by Angela Cornell, Richard Ferguson
    Richard has a book "Feguson and Kindred Families" of his research on this family.


Adams:  Agnes
Barnes:  Marietta or Monetta
Caperton: Angela, Jack, Jack S.,
Cook: Betty Ruth,  Carolyn,  James Butler, Melvin, Raymond,  William A.,
Crane: John
Croxton:  James
Davis:  Annie
Ferguson:  Aaron, Abraham,  Adams, Agnes,  Alexander, Andrew Jackson, Ann, Anne, Benjamin F.,  Benjamin K., Benjamin N., Betty,  Cary, Catron, Charles O.,  Edwin R.,  Elijah, Elijah J.,  Eliza, Eliza, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elvia Mae,  James, James, James H., James H.,  James Jr., James III,  Jesse B., Jesse, Jessie, Jessie, John Ashford, John Calvin, John, John, John, John, John,  John H., John J., John J., Joseph, Joseph,  Joseph W., Joseph W.,  Lena, Leonidas,  Lewis, Lillie, Margaret, Margaret Caroline, Martha, Martha J., Mary Ann,  Mary, Mary, Mary E., Mary L.,  Matilda, Matilda, Minnie Lou, Mourning,  Paul,  Pleasant, Rachel,  Robert, Robert,  Roland,  Samuel, Samuel,
Samuel,  Sarah, Sarah,  Sarah C., Sidney Walter, Sidney W., Jr.,  Thomas F., Thomas F.,  Verna,  William, William, William,  William Jasper,  William Jeff, William L.,   William P., Willie Andrew, Zola Mae,
Fields: Jeremiah
Hammett: Martha
Hasskew:  Sarah
Hatchell:  Mary A., William
Hemmingway: Sheffield Sullivan,
Jackson: Elizabeth
Jones: Cleveland
Knowling:  David
Lee: Lucinda, Luna, Samuel
McCreight: Lavona Francis,
Meriwether: James Laura,
Miller: Jessie Edna, Robert P.
Murtishaw: James Butler, Lula Belle, Ollie Faye, Ruby, Velma, Walter J., William Andrew,  William Henry(Hooks),
Ogilsby:  Richard
Page:  Mable
Perkins:  John
Pulliam: Alma, Carolyn, Cynthia, Donnie
Robertson: Martha
Robinson: Mary L.,
Southerland: Elizabeth, Isham Taylor, Joanna, John Wesley, Mary C.,  Melkijah V. Southerland, Tobitha,
Stubbleson: Ann, Stable/Stubble
Taylor: Elizabeth, Eliza J.,  George W., Sarah Caroline, Winnie,
Ward:  Roy

 John Fargaesson or Farguson or Ferguson
(notes on John)
b 1650 Edinborough, Midlothian County,  Scotland  d May 10, 1715 Cherry Walk, Virginia
m Ann  Stubbleson  b 1665 Old Rappahannock, Virginia
m February 12, 1681/82 Southfarnham Parish, , Essex, Virginia
    spouse's parents:  Stable or Stubble Stubbleson b 1630 Scotland
1.    James Fargesson b 1687
2.     John Fargesson b 1691
3.     Joseph Fargesson  b 1689
4.     Cary Ferguson  b 1683
5.     Mary Ferguson b  1695
6.     Sarah Ferguson  b 1693
7.     Samuel Ferguson  b 1697
 James Samuel Fargesson
b 1687  Old Rappanhannock, Essex Co. Virginia  d  July 1741 Goochland, Virginia
spouse: Anne  m 1710 Essex County, Virginia
1.    John Ferguson  b 1722 King and Queen Co. Virginia
2.     James Samuel Ferguson , Jr.  b  1715  d 1785 Chester District, South Carolina
             spouse:   Agnes Adams b 1718 Henrico County, Virginia
                 children:  John, William, James III, Paul, Adams, Robert, Abraham, Joseph, Betty, Samuel, Mourning,  Agnes
3.    Elizabeth Ferguson b 1706 ?  
              spouse:   John Scanland Crane
4.     Anne Ferguson b 1719  
             spouse:  James Croxton
5.     Rachel Ferguson  b 1725
              spouse:  John Perkins
6.     Sarah Ferguson b 1735
               spouse:   Richard Ogilsby
7.     Mary Ferguson b 1734
               spouse:   David Knowling
8.     William Ferguson b 1736

 John Ferguson
b 1722 King and Queen Co. Virginia  d December 20, 1794 Culpepper Co., Virginia
           1756: land records, he received land from Martha's father.
spouse: Martha  Hammett  1756  Culpeper County, Virginia
1.    Elijah Ferguson  b 1775 Virginia
2.     Alexander Ferguson
3.     James Ferguson
4.     Samuel Ferguson
5.     William Ferguson  b 1758
6.     Catron Ferguson
7.     Martha Ferguson
8.     Jesse Ferguson  b June 12, 1756
9.     Lewis Ferguson b 1760
10.   John Hammett Ferguson  b Bet. 1763 - 1770
11.   Elizabeth Ferguson  b April 27, 1773

 Elijah Ferguson
b  1775 Culpepper Co., Virgina d  1840 Carroll County, Mississippi

spouse:   Elizabeth Jackson  August 1, 1806 Woodville, Wilkinson Co., Mississippi  (Elizabeth's family tree)
                          b   1791 Sumter Co, South Carolina  d  Bet. 1809 - 1885
1.    Aaron Ferguson  b 1809
2.     Joseph W. Ferguson  b 1807 East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana
                 d Bet. 1856 - 1860 Drew Co. Arkansas
                 m April 23, 1833 E. Feliciana Parish, Louisiana
              spouse:  Mary Ann Hatchell b 1818 E. Feliciana Parish, Louisiana d Drew Co. Arkansas
              spouse's parents:  William Hatchell & Mary Lee
         children:  William Lycurgus Ferguson, Benjamin Franklin Ferguson,  Edwin R. Ferguson
              Martha Jane Ferguson, Mary E. Ferguson,  Leonidas Ferguson,
3.     James Harvey Ferguson b 1812 East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana
                             d December 6, 1859 Monticello, Drew Co. AR
                             m July 10, 1834 East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana
               spouse 1:  Lucinda Lee b 1815   d 1843
               spouse's parents:  Samuel Lee & Lucada
            children:  Benjamin Newton Ferguson, John Ferguson,  William Jasper Ferguson,
                 Mary Louisa Ferguson
             spouse 2:  Sarah Hasskew b 1816   m 1853
4.     Thomas F. Ferguson  b  1828 East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana d Bef. 1860
                          m Aft. 1850
                 spouse:  Mary L. Robinson b 1833 Alabama
                 children: Charles O. Ferguson,  Pleasant L. Ferguson
5.     John Jackson Ferguson  b October 13, 1818
6.     Margaret Ferguson  b 1823
7.     Matilda Ferguson b 1818
8.     Eliza Ferguson  b 1816
9.     Elizabeth Ferguson  b 1821
10.   Ann Ferguson b 1815

 Aaron Ferguson
  b  1809 East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana  d  May 1868
*** most recently, I have found records that suggest that Aaron's 2 wives are the same person.  Elizabeth Robinson was married to a Taylor prior to marrying Aaron.  Until I can find proof, for sure, I am leaving this as having 2 wives.  Aaron died at age 45 from Black Tongue.  He is listed in the US Federal Mortality Schedule.
spouse 1: Elizabeth  Robinson b 1824 m October 11, 1837
1.     John Ashford Ferguson b July 5, 1838 Carroll County Mississippi
            spouse 1: Marietta or  Monetta Barnes m July 20, 1848 Carroll County, Mississippi
                 children:   John Calvin Ferguson b August 19, 1869 m Mary Frances Baldy
            spouse 2:   James Laura Meriwether
            spouse 3:   Martha Robertson
2.     Mary Ann Ferguson b 1839 Paulding, Mississippi
            spouse:   George W. Taylor (Mary Ann's step brother)
3.     Margaret Caroline Ferguson  b 1840 Paulding, Mississippi
            spouse:   Sheffield Sullivan Hemingway b 1837 Drew, Arkansas
4.     Jesse B. Ferguson  b 1844 Paulding, Mississippi
5.     Elijah J. Ferguson   b 1844
6.     Sarah C. Ferguson  b 1848
7.     William Pinkton Ferguson  b 1852 Mississippi  d 1920
            spouse:   Winnie Taylor  b Dec. 1856 in Alabama  m March 22, 1888 Clarendon, Arkansas
              children:  Jessie Ferguson b 1889, William Jeff Ferguson b 1890 Arkansas,  Roland Ferguson b Oct 1894 Arkansas,
                                 Elvia Mae Ferguson b Jul 23, 1897 Arkansas

spouse 2: Elizabeth  Taylor (married name) Bet. 1822 - 1870
1.    Andrew Jackson Ferguson b November 25, 1854
2.     Joseph W. Ferguson
3.     James Harvey Ferguson
4.     Eliza Ferguson
5.     Matilda Ferguson
6.     Elizabeth Ferguson
7.     Thomas F. Ferguson
8.     John J. Ferguson
9.     Benjamin K. Ferguson b 1858

      Elizabeth's 1st Marriage:  ? Taylor
        children:  George W. Taylor b 1838  m Mary Ann Ferguson (step sister)
                           Eliza J. Taylor  b 1844 Mississippi
                          Sarah Caroline Taylor  b 1848  Mississippi m  Jeremiah Fields

 Andrew Jackson Ferguson
  b November 25, 1854 Arkansas  d Jul 21, 1923 Monroe Co. Arkansas
m Mar 20, 1873 in Phillips County, Arkansas
On several Census' he went by Andy Ferguson.  There are a few instances where Ferguson was spelled Fergeson.
         spouse 1:  Joanna Southerland  b 1856 in Alabama  d about 1880 in Arkansas
 1880 AR census lists Joanna Ferguson married on March 20, 1873 Phillips Co. AR.  The 1880 census also lists her as head of household at 24 yrs old but married.   In 1870, Joan Southerland is listed with her brother Melkijah v Southerland age 7, living with the Morris Family.  There were no parents with them.  This was in Hickory Ridge, Monroe County, Arkansas.  She was 16 years old in 1870 and single.  1860 US Census, she was 4 years old, born in Alabama and living in Galley Rock, Arkansas with her parents: MV Southerland and Sarah Ann.  Neighbors at this time were John Ferguson Family and Campbell Ferguson  
            spouse's parents:   Melkijah V. Southerland and Sarah Ann. m 1850 in Alabama
                spouse's siblings:  Melkijah V. Southerland b 1863 in Arkansas, John Wesley Southerland b 1852 in Alabama,  Isham Taylor Southerland b Nov 1859 in Arkansas.
                  spouse's grandparents:  ? Southerland and Mary
                    grandparents children:  Melkijah V. Southerland (Joanna's father), Elizabeth Southerland b 1835 in Alabama,  Tobitha J. Southerland b 1841 in Alabama,  Mary C. Southerland b 1843 in Alabama.

   children:  (Joanna and Andrew)
 1.    Minni Lou Ferguson  b December 18, 1878
 2.    Sidney Walter Ferguson  b  April 21, 1876  d May 12, 1955  
             spouse:  Jessie Edna Miller b July 8, 1884  d March 18, 1978  m June 14, 1900
                spouse's parents:   Robert P. Miller b Claiborne Co., Mississippi
                                                Annie Davis b 1861 Tennessee
                   children:  Sidney W., Jr., Zola Mae, Willie Andrew, Verna,  Lillie,
                            Robert, Lena,  Jessie
spouse 2: of Andrew:  Luna  Lee  b Mar 16, 1873 d Oct 13, 1913 Monroe County, Arkansas  I have found no evidence that Andrew and Luna had any children.  Luna was married to a ? Marvin prior to marrying Andrew Ferguson.  1910 Arkansas Census: wife of Andy J. Ferguson.  Married for 18 years, she was 36 years old in 1910.  Born in Arkansas, Father born in Arkansas, mother born in Mississippi.

 Minnie Lou Ferguson
(notes on Minnie)
b December 18, 1878  Arkansas
d February 3, 1962 Texarkana, Arkansas
AKA: Moma Shaw
m James Butler  Murtishaw  b February 1867 Arkansas  d 1921 Monroe County, Arkansas
m August 24, 1899  Pine Ridge, Monroe County, Arkansas
   spouse's parents:  William Henry (Hooks) Murtishaw &  Lavona Francis McCreight
1.     Ollie Fay Murtishaw  b February 12, 1907 Arkansas  d December 16, 1997 Randlett,Cotton,OK
          m Leroy Pitts on August 13, 1943
2.     Lula Belle Murtishaw  b September 12, 1900 Clarendon, Arkansas  d 1999 Benton, Arkansas
          m (1) Cleveland Jones  (2)  Roy Ward, Sr.  on October 4, 1914
3.     William Andrew Murtishaw  b March 26, 1904  d  June 1978 Augusta, Arkansas
         m  Betty Ruth Cook in 1922
4.     Velma Winnie Murtishaw  b July 25, 1909 (identical twin)  d  1970
        m ? Carter
5.    Virgie Minnie Murtishaw  b July 25, 1909 (twin)  d  1969
        m Aaron Madison Pulliam in 1938 Moro, Arkansas
6.     Walter James Murtishaw  (Uncle Haas) b March 18, 1912  d  August 25, 1999  Brinkley, Arkansas
               m  Mable Page on September 14, 1935
7.     Ruby Murtishaw  b  1915 Blackton, Monroe Co Ar  d 1921

 Virgie Minnie Murtishaw
b 7-25-1904 Brinkley, Arkansas d 1969 Brinkley, Arkansas
Photo Of Virgie & Aaron
spouse 1:  William Arthur Cook  b 1906 m 1925 Brinkley, Arkansas  (married again after divorce from Virgie) children from next marriage:    
                           Melvin Cook, Raymond Cook,  Carolyn Cook
    children:  James Butler Cook b 1930 Brinkley, AR d Jan 21, 2005 Clarendon, Arkansas
spouse 2: Aaron Madison  Pulliam b August 11, 1904  d Apr 13, 1971 Brinkley, Arkansas
1.  Donnie Pulliam b 1940 d 1955
2.    Carolyn June Pulliam
3.  Alma Lou Pulliam
4.  Cynthia Faye Pulliam

 Carolyn June Pulliam
b Brinkley, AR (living)
spouse:   Jack Foster Caperton, III  (living)
1.  Angela Carol Caperton (living)
2.  Jack Stanley Caperton (living)

 Possibly John's father:
Alpha (or Daniel) FERGUSON  
Sex: M
Birth: in Scotland  
Death: 1664  


1. John FERGUSON Sr. was born about 1650 in Scotland. He died before Mar 19 1716/17 in Essex Co, VA. 1) "The Ancestry of James Ferguson Jr. of Goochland Co, Virginia and Chester County South Carolina" by Jean Clawson Agee and Walter Whatley Brewster; Chester District Genealogical Society Sept. 1993 & March & June 1995.

2) "The Fergusons of Chester District, South Carolina" by Young Uluar West Jr (Revised Edition 1984) Young U. West M.D., #7 Old Chimney Road, Huntsville, AL 35201.

3) "MY FERGUSON ANCESTORS IN AMERICA 1680-1993" by James Edward Ferguson, with major contributions by Walter Whatley Brewster, 2nd printing June 1997.

4) Notes from Jesse Ferguson

5) John Fargason's will : Will Bk 3, Pg 8, Essex Co., Va.

Will of John Fargeson of Essex County, dated May 10, 1715:
In the name of God, Amen: I, John Fargeson, of Essex County, being in perfect sense and memory and good health, God almighty be prayed, therefore considering the transitoriness of this life and being willing to settle my temporal affairs before I goe (sic) hence have, and do make, ordain this to be my last will and testament in the manner following, vizt. In Primus, I bequeath my soul into the hands of Almighty God who gave it, hoping through the merits, death, and passion, of my blessed Saviour Jesus Christ to receive full and free remission of all my sins at the last day.
ITEM. I do bequeath and give unto my eldest son John Fargeson all my land that lies on the north side Piscataway Rolling Road. to him and his heirs forever.
ITEM. I give and bequeath unto my son James Fargeson my plantation wheron I now live and all my land on that side the aforesaid rolling road after his mother's decease, to him and his heirs forever, only reserving for my son Joseph Fargeson free liberty to live and work thereon till he can better provide (for) himself.
ITEM. I do give and bequeath unto my daughter Sarah Redd, the wife of Thomas Redd, five shillings to buy her a Bible.
ITEM. I do give and bequeath unto my grandson John Rogers one young cow and calf.
ITEM. It is my will and desire that my well-beloved wife Ann Fargeson have and injoy the use of all the rest of my estate during the time she shall continue my widow without any interruption or disturbance of any of my children, and that she shall not give nor convey any of my estate (to) any other person than as this by will directs.
ITEM. it is my will and desire that if my wife do marry that then immediately after such her marriage, my two Negroes, Nacher and Bess, and all my personal estate shall be appraised and the whole value thereof be equally divided (after my just debts and funeral charges are paid) between my loving wife Ann and my two youngest sons, Joseph and Samuel Fargeson, but if my wife dies my widow it is my will and desire that my Negroes and personal estate as aforesaid be, immediately after such her death, appraised and the value thereof be equally divided between my two aforesaid youngest sons Joseph and Samuel, and lastly, I do hereby ordain my wife Ann and my son Joseph Fargeson executors of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking, disannuling, adn making void all manner of wills and testaments heretofore by me made and, of which, I hereunto set my hand and seal this 10 day of May 1715.
/s/ John Fargisson (Seal)

Signed, sealed and)
published in the )
presence of )
/s/ Daniel Brown At a Court held for Essex
/s/ James (X) Sams County on Wednesday, the
/s/ Elizabeth (X) Brown 19th day of March 1717
this will was presented in Court by
Ann Fargisson, the Executor (sic) wherein named who made oath thereto and was further proved by the oath of Daniel Brown, Elizabeth Brown, and James Sams, witnesses thereto and is admitted to record.
Teste: /s/ Will. Beverley ClkCur
Dannll. Browne, James Sames, Elizabeth Browne.

He was married to Ann STUBBLESON before Aug 1684 in Rappahannock, VA. Ann STUBBLESON died about 1735 in Southfarnham Parrish, Essex Co, VA. She was born in possibly Rappahannock Co, VA. She has reference number STER. 1) "The Fergusons of Chester District, South Carolina" by Young Uluar West Jr (Revised Edition 1984) Young U. West M.D., #7 Old Chimney Road, Huntsville, AL 35201.

From Larry Ferguson III:
"John was probably brought to America as a deportee/indentured servant in 1667 (Patent Book 6, pg 45). He married Ann Stubbleson in 1683 (Book D7, pg 129). I show six children:
Cary b: ca 1683 M 1st Class Caston
M 2nd Henry Perkins, Jr.
John b: ca 1685 M Sarah Bridgeforth
James b: ca 1687 M Ann ???
Sarah b: ??? M Thomas Redd
Joseph b: ??? Died a bachelor in 1717
Samuel b: ??? M Ann Brown
John and Ann are buried in a family cemetary at "Cherry Walk" in Essex County, an estate sold to the Caston's by John Ferguson and passed on through the Croxton family (Grandson of John and Ann)
Still trying to prove John's arrival in America but circumstantial evidence supports the theory strongly. "

John may have been born in Dumfrieshire or Edinburgh

 The Fergusons came from Mississippi to Shilo Arkansas in a group of 100 covered wagons.

1930 Monroe County Census - Jackson Township pg 233 - family # 50
  Willie A. Murtishaw, home rented, lives on farm # 67, age 27, 18 when married, parents born in AR, general farmer, not a veteran.
  wife: Ruth, age 26, 17 when married, parents born in AR.
  Daughter: Virginia, age 8, attending school, born in AR
  Daughter: Lois, age 4, born in AR
  Brother: Walter - age 18, born in AR, general farmer, not a veteran, farm # 68.
  Mother: Minnie - age 52, widow, father born in AR, mother in US.

Murtishaw, Minnie   View Image Online
  Age: 52 Year: 1930
  Birthplace:   Roll:  T626_83
  Race:   Page:  3A
  State: Arkansas ED:  18
  County: Monroe Image:  1057
  Township: Jackson
  Relationship: Mother

1880 Pine Ridge, Monroe Co. AR, age 2