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Pulliam Genealogy
Researchers:  Michael Pulliam, Angela C. Cornell, Cynthia Leah Pulliam Lutz

The Pulliams may have arrived in Virginia, in the 1600's, aboard the "Hopewell". There are records showing an Edward Augustus Pulliam arriving in Henrico County Virginia on the "Hopewell" around 1636. I have not personally been able to find this record but am still searching.


Anderson:  Mary
Bigham:  Lela Gertrude
Caperton: Jack III,
Chism: Sarah E.
Clark:  Betty
Cook: Willie A.
Ferguson:  Minnie Lula
Fletcher: Alice, Amy, Clara B., David Riley, Emma Z., Edward B.,  Jennie L., John Asa,  Margaret J.,  Mary Carolyn, Richard C.,
 Thomas H.,  William W.D.,
Goodman:  Sarah
Ikard: Mary(Martha),
McMullan: Barbara A., Charles T., John C., JohnT., John H., Mary E.,
Murtishaw:  James B.,  Virgie
Oakes:  Sarah
Partel: Edith
Pulliam: Aaron,  Alma,   Bathie,  Carolyn,  Clarence, Claud,  Cynthia,   David Earl,  Donnie,   Doris, Eddie, Ernest D,  Jack,
James Cook, Jasper J.,  Jessie, J.T.,  Lee E.,  Marian,  Mary Claudine,   Mary Effie, Mary Lou, Norma, Ray, Theo, Thomas,  V.M., William,  William Carl,   William Sr.,  William Jr.,  
Robinson: Hazel L.
Simpson: Alma, George W., John,
Stokes: Bertha C.,
Traylor: Alex P.,  Charles B., Donie,  Linnie M., Walter, William G.
Wooten: Thelma

 William Madison Pulliam, Sr.
b 1787 Virginia ? d 1862
spouse 1:   Sarah Oakes b 1786,
spouse 2:  Sarah Goodman b 1805
    children: William Madison Pulliam, Jr. (I am not sure which of Wms wives was his mother)

 William Madison Pulliam, Jr.
b November 6, 1852 Virginia       d March 13, 1896  Moro, Lee County, Arkansas
photo of Grave Stone

spouse 1 : Betty  Clark (photo of Grave Stone)  b September 1853 Texas  d March 06, 1879 Moro, Lee County, Arkansas
                            Betty (Bettie) is buried next to William in the Hawkins Cemetery in Moro.
        children:   William Pulliam,
                          Thomas Pulliam  b February 12, 1876 Moro, Lee County, Arkansas  d Marianna, Lee County, Arkansas
                                              m Mary Elizabeth ? (Lizzie)
spouse 2 : Mary Carolyn  Fletcher (married twice) see below her children  (called Molly or Grandma Mac)
         b February 25, 1861 Arkansas   d June 4, 1937 Moro, Arkansas   m August 4, 1880 Moro, Lee County, Arkansas
           spouse's parents: father: David Riley Fletcher (married 4 times) b August 05, 1836 Butlers Mill, Marshall County, Alabama  
                                           mother: Martha E.  Ikard b November 24, 1836 Tennessee
               spouse's siblings:   a.Margaret J. Fletcher b December 01, 1857 , b. William Wesley Derrick Fletcher b October 13, 1859,
                   Alice L. Fletcher(half), Jennie L. Fletcher (half), John Asa Fletcher (half),  Edward Buford Fletcher (half)
                   Thomas Henderson Fletcher (half), Emma Z. Fletcher (half), Richard Clyde Fletcher (half),
                   Clara B. Fletcher (half),  Amy Elizabeth Fletcher (half)
         1. Claud Madison Pulliam b 7/8/1882 d 6/4/1937
         2.  Ernest D. Pulliam b 3/26/1884 Moro, Lee County, Arkansas   d April 26, 1884  Moro, Lee County, AR  Ernest is buried next to his
                         father in Hawkins Cemetary, Moro, Lee County, Arkansas
         3.  Jessie Earl Pulliam b 2/18/1886 d 1/6/1901  (15 years old) He fell off the roof trying to repair it after a tornado.
         4.  Mary Effie Pulliam b May 07, 1887 Moro, Lee, Arkansas
         5.  Bathie James Pulliam b 2/11/1890 Moro, Lee, Arkansas  d 6/1967
                      spouse:  Lela Gertrude  Bigham b 11/22/1893   d 6/1982 Paragould, AR
                      children:   Lee Elgin Pulliam  b  July 23, 1925  Moro, AR  d October 28, 1967 West Memphis, AR
                         Jasper James Pulliam  b October 13, 1921   d August 11, 1923  Lee Co., AR   
         6.  Edward Bailey Pulliam      b 11/16/1890        d 9/15/1905  (15 years old)
         7.  Virinia Madison Pulliam    b 7/13/1892  Moro, Arkansas        d 12/15/1949 (single 1920 census)
                       spouse:  Linnie Mae  Traylor  b June 30, 1908 Lee Co., AR    d  December 30, 1927
                       spouse's parents:  Charles B. Traylor  & Sarah Elizabeth  Chism
                       spouse's siblings:  1)Walter Traylor b 1892   2)  Alex Patton Traylor b August 1, 1895
                                                         3) William Grumes Traylor b December 3, 1899   4)  Donie Traylor b 1903
        8.  Theo William Pulliam b 10/6/1894 d 9/1/1969
                      spouse: Edith G.  Partel?  b August 9, 1900 Arkansas  d June 1982 Crittenden Co., AR
                      children:  1) Ray Pulliam  2) Jack Pulliam 3) J.T. Pulliam  4)  Mary Lou Pulliam

Mary Fletcher Pulliam's 2nd spouse: John Thomas  McMullan
              John Hayes McMullan b 9/2/1898 Cotton Plant, Arkansas  d 7/1970 Cotton Plant, AR
                      spouse:  Hazel Leeopal Robinson
                            children:  1) Mary Elizabeth McMullan/Banks/King
                                             2) John Calvin McMullan  
                                             3) Barbara Ann McMullan m Donald Cruce
                                             4) Charles Thomas McMullan  b April 17, 1938  d 1965 Cotton Plant, AR in a farming accident (called Biddy)  
                                                         m  Glenna

 Claud Madison Pulliam
b July 8, 1882 d June 4, 1937 Cotton Plant, Arkansas(AR)
Photo of Claude photo (bottom of page)

Claud's first wife: Alma  Simpson b 1903 Cotton Plant, AR    d 1911 Moro, AR
  m May 26, 1903 Moro, Lee County, Arkansas
spouse's parents:  George Washington Simpson & Mary  Anderson
spouse's siblings:   John Simpson
Aaron Madison Pulliam b 8/11/1904 Moro, AR d 1970's Brinkley, AR
   spouse: Virgie  Murtishaw
Claud's second wife: Bertha Clay  Stokes   Photo of Bertha  (bottom of page)
1.  David Earl Pulliam  
2.  Doris Pulliam b January 2, 1912 Moro, Lee, Arkansas  d  February 1976
3.  William Carl Pulliam b March 2, 1917 Moro, Lee, Arkansas  d  August 19, 1973
4.  Mary Claudine Pulliam b December 25, 1918  Moro, Lee, Arkansas d January 12, 1981
         m Lonnie  Dietrich
5.  Clarence Malcolm Pulliam
6.  Marian Virginia Pulliam
7.  Norma Jane Pulliam

 Aaron Madison Pulliam
b 8/11/1904 Moro, Arkansas d 1970's Brinkley, Arkansas
Photo of Claude and Aaron (bottom of page)
Photo of Aaron (bottom of page)

spouse:  Virgie Murtishaw b 7/25/1909 d 1969 Brinkley, Arkansas
Virgie's 1st husband:  Willie Andrew Cook
spouse's parents: James Butler Murtishaw & Mini Lula  Ferguson
1. James Butler Cook  m  Thelma Wooten
      children:  Linda Cook, James Cook
2.  Donnie Ray Pulliam b 12/7/1939 d 1955 Brinkley, AR (Photo)
3. Carolyn June Pulliam Brinkley, AR m Jack F. Caperton, III
4.  Alma Lou Pulliam Brinkley, AR m John McIntyre
       children:  Jennifer Lynn McIntyre, Sara Jane McIntyre, Aaron McIntyre
5.  Cynthia Faye Pulliam Brinkley, AR    m David Grover Kloss
       children:  Jessica Rae Kloss

 Carolyn June Pulliam
b 6/25/1942 Brinkley, Arkansas

spouse:  Jack Foster Caperton, III b 8/20/1938 m 11/26/1960
1. Angela Carol Caperton b 10/29/61 Little Rock, AR
        spouse 1: Robert William Pearson, Sr.
        spouse 2: Michael Ellis Cornell b 8/15/1960
       children: 1. Robert William Pearson, Jr.
                       2. Andrew Paul Cornell
                       3. Patrick Kyle Cornell
2. Jack Stanley Caperton b 7/19/1965 Little Rock, AR
      spouse: Tangela Jean Temple
     children: 1. Brittany Caperton
                     2. Shelton Leigh Caperton
                     3. Jaclyn Charlsea Caperton

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1880 United States Census, Moro, Lee, Arkansas
1870 Jackson County, Alabama census
Arkansas Land Records
Civil War Pension Index
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