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Murtishaw Genealogy

Researchers for Murtishaw: Angela Cornell, Ray Murtishaw, Fred Murtishaw, Bobby G. Miller, Jane Murtishaw Lindsey

Fred and Ray Murtishaw have done most of the research on this family.  They have traveled and spent numerous hours pouring over documents in court houses all over the US.

Ables:  Elgin C.
Callwell: Mary A.,
Caperton: Angela, Jack F., Jack S.
Carter: Opal
Cook: Arthur, Betty Ruth, James B.,
Elmont:  Samuel Wesley, Aaron, Carolina, Nellie J., William Henry
Ferguson: Andrew, Minnie Lou, Sid
Folin: Ann, Samuel
Jones: Cleveland
Keaton: Martha
McCreight: Lavona
Miller:  Adolfalus
Moore:  Emma
Murtishaws:  Aaron,  Benjamin, Carolina,  Doris,  Edwin,  George,  George B.,  George(2), Harriet F., Harriet F., James Butler,
 James Walter, John, John Wesley, Lois,  Louise,  Lula Belle, Nellie J.,  Ollie,  Page, Rosina, Samuel W., Samuel W. Jr.,  Thomas,  Thomas(2), Ursula, Velma,  
  Virgie, Virginia,   Walter J,   William (Hooks), William Henry,  Willie,  Willie Faye
O'Neal:  Caroline
Page: Mabel
Pitts: Leroy
Pulliam: Aaron, Alma L, Carolyn J., Cynthia, Donnie
Slattery:  Frances E.,  Julia,  Sarah C.
Smith:   William
Stanley: Rebecca A.
Ward: Elsworth, Jack, Roy Jr., Roy Sr.

 George Murtishaw
b 1740 South Carolina
spouse: Nelly ? b 1744 South Carolina d 1820 m 1780
   children: Thomas Murtishaw b 1785

 Thomas Murtishaw
b 1785 South Carolina
spouse: Mary  (Cherokee Maiden, we we have heard!  No proof yet.) b 1784 SC
                           d 12 - 1859 Newberry Co., SC (living with her son, Thomas)
   1850 census for Newberry County South Carolina   
1.  George B. Murtishaw b 1810 d 1844 SC
2.  Thomas Murtishaw b 4-17-1813 SC d 3-30-1873 Ebenezer Methodist Cemetary, Maybinton, Newberry Co., South Carolina, no marker.
                                      (1840 SC Census, Columbia, Richland county)
              spouse: Caroline b 1817  d 1886
3.     Samuel Wesley Murtishaw  b 1815 SC  d 1859 South Carolina (1840 SC census, Fairfield)
         spouse:   Mary Ann Callwell or Currell  m December 20, 1835 Pike Co.,Georgia
         children:  Harriet F. Murtishaw  b 1839 South Carolina  d Arkansas m  Adolfalus Miller  b 1835 South Carolina
                           Samuel Wesley Murtishaw, Jr.  b September 17, 1842 Greenville, Greenville Co Sc
                            (more of Samuel and family)
4.    unknown Murtishaw  b 1818

George B. Murtishaw
b 1810 South Carolina
d 1844 South Carolina
m February 14,1831 Columbia, Richland Co., SC
spouse: Ann  Folin b 1816 SC    d 7-1890 Union Co., SC  
        spouse's parents:  Samuel Folin b 1790 Barnwell District, SC
                                          Ann Rebecca  Stanley m 5-30-1811 Barnwell, SC
1. William Henry ("Hooks") Murtishaw b 1841 d 5-13-1916
2.  George Murtishaw b 1833
3.  John Wesley Murtishaw b 1836 SC d July 3, 1876 Scott County, Arkansas m 1855 Tennessee
         m Martha Caroline  Keaton b 1855 Wayne County, Tennessee d 1881 Scott County, Arkansas
         More on John's family...    More on Martha's family
4.  Benjamin Murtishaw b 1837
5.  Edwin Murtishaw b 1839

Ann remarried after George Died.  She married  William Smith about 1844 and supposedly had 3 daughters with him.  Ann and William are listed on the following census: 1850, 1860, 1870.  All in Union County, SC
2 of the daughters names were Mary and Sally.  William was born about 1818 in North Carolina.

***notes on George: 1850 census in Richland County South Carolina
                                   1840 Newberry County, South Carolina
Marriage records are found in the 5 Mar 1831issue of the Columbia Free Press and Hive.
George served in the Indian Creek War.
G W MUrtishaw appears on muster-in roll, joined Elmores Co. S. C Ar Militia,
(Florida War) 15 Feb 1836, at Savannah Ga. for 3 months Muster-out roll 12 May 1836, St. Augustine Fla

William Henry  ("Hooks") Murtishaw
b 1841 Newberry District, South Carolina
d May 13,1916 Jonesville, Union County, SC
m May 29,1866 Monroe Co., Arkansas
spouse 1: Lavona F.  McCreight b 1842 SC d 1879 Monroe Co., Arkansas
        children: James Butler Murtishaw b 2-1867 d 1921
spouse 2: Maggie : married after Lavona's death.  Married in 1870.
Madam/Mistress:  Lucy Conner: 3 children died in childhood in Michigan.  He officially never married Lucy but she took his name and named her children Maggie and William.  He never divorced Lavona, he left her and James when James was an infant for Lucy.   WH was never listed on any census with them.  Maggie was born 1899, William was born 1892 and James was born before the 1910 census so WH was obviously still seeing Lucy after his marriage to Maggie in 1870. Both children were born in South Carolina.

 James Butler Murtishaw
b 2-1867 d 1921 Monroe Co., Arkansas
spouse 1: Minnie Lou  Ferguson d 1962 Texarkana, Arkansas
     spouse's parents:  Andrew Ferguson (Fergeson?)
        spouse's sibling:  Sid Ferguson
1. Virgie Minnie Murtishaw b 7-25-1909 Brinkley, Arkansas d 1969 Brinkley, AR
2.  Velma Winnie Murtishaw b 7-25-1909 Brinkley, Arkansas d 1970  m ? Carter Bef. 1928
            children:  Opal Carter
3.  Walter J. Murtishaw (AKA Haas) b 3-18-1912 Brinkley, Arkansas d 8-17-1999
             spouse: Mable  Page b 12-25-1910 d 4-1985 Brinkley, Arkansas
                 children: Doris Murtishaw, James Walter Murtishaw,  Louise Murtishaw
4.  Ollie Murtishaw b February 12, 1907 Arkansas d December 16, 1997 Randlett,Cotton,OK
                 spouse:   Leroy Pitts b March 26, 1902 Barton,Phillips,Arkansas  
                                      d  September 24, 1999 Randlett,Cotton,OK  m August 13, 1943
5.  Lula Belle Murtishaw b 1900 d 1998
              spouses: Cleveland Jones, Roy  Ward, Sr.
                   children: Elsworth Ward, Roy Ward Jr.,  Jack Ward
6.  William Andrew Murtishaw b 3-26-1904 d 6-1978 Augusta, Arkansas
              spouse: Betty Ruth  Cook or Skinner?  b 1905  d  1984  m 1922
                                    (could be another wife named Skinner)
                       spouse's parents:  Arthur Cook & Nanny ?

                children:  Virginia Murtishaw, Lois Murtishaw, Page Murtishaw,  Willie Faye Murtishaw

 Virgie Minnie Murtishaw
b 7-25-1904 Brinkley, Arkansas d 1969 Brinkley, Arkansas
Photo Of Virgie & Aaron
spouse 1: ? Cook
children:  James Butler Cook b 1930 Brinkley, AR
spouse 2: Aaron Madison  Pulliam b August 11, 1904
1.  Donnie Pulliam b 1940 d 1955  (photo)
2. Carolyn June Pulliam
3.  Alma Lou Pulliam m John McIntyre
4.  Cynthia Faye Pulliam m David Grover Kloss

 Carolyn June Pulliam
b Brinkley, AR
 spouse: Jack Foster Caperton, III
1.  Angela Carol Caperton
2.  Jack Stanley Caperton