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Research by:  Angela Cornell

Beard:  W.H.,
Caperton: Jack
Fleming:  Sarah Jane
Ford: Joseph Pybass,  Louise Elizabeth,
Park:   Eddy, Harry,  James, Mary,
Shelton:  William Rossen, Ruth Kyle
Simmons:  Ava, Bascom A., Benna, Bessie,  Eugenia,  Irena A., James M.,  James Thompson, John Wils, Madelene, Manila,  Martha A., Maud, Pearl,  Samuella Gertrude, Sarah, Vernon,  Virginia L.,  William Bartlett,
                     William Emmet,  William Otis,
Thomason:  Joseph, Milton,   Thomas J.
Wright:  M.J.,

Simmons Genealogy
I have 2 sets of parents for William Bartlett:
1)N.M. Simmons, maybe Nathaniel?,  of North Carolina but cannot find him yet!  

My grandmother always said NM Simmons...

2) I have found a William P. Simmons married to a Nancy M. ? and all the data seems to fit so I am assuming that his father was William P. Simmons.  William P. and family are listed in census's in Fayette County Tennessee.  William B. Simmons is also on a 1850 Fayette County Census living with parents William P and Nancy M....

Family notes tell that William B.'s father was a Methodist Minister in Tennessee.  

 William Bartlett Simmons
b 1830 North Carolina  d between 1880-1900
spouse:  Almeda  b 1833 Tennessee m about 1855 maybe Tennessee d between 1880-1900
1.    John Wils Simmons  b February 2, 1864
2.     James Thompson Simmons  b 1856 Arkansas  
                 spouse:  M.J. Wright on October 23, 1888 Lonoke County, Arkansas
          **Notes: Census: 1870 and 1880 AR census
3.     William Emmet Simmons  b 1862 Arkansas  d 1917 Prairie County, Arkansas
                   spouse: Lawrence Virginia ? b 1871  d 1940  m 1885 in Arkansas
                       children:   William Otis Simmons b October 04, 1887 Arkansas
                                         Virginia Lawrence Simmons b 1895 Arkansas  
                                         Maud I. Simmons b 1897 Arkansas'
                                         Vernon E. Simmons b 1898 Arkansas
                                         Ava M. Simmons b 1903 Arkansas
                                         James M. Simmons b 1904 Arkansas
                                         Benna E. Simmons b 1906 Arkansas
                                         Pearl W. Simmons b 1907 Arkansas
                                         Bessie E. Simmons b May 1909 Arkansas
         **notes on William Emmet: listed on census': 1880 Lonoke/Prairie Co AR, Prairie Co. Cemetary Index,
                  1870 Prairie/Pulaski Co, AR census, 1910 Prairie/Lonoke Co AR census,
                  1900 Prairie/Lonoke Co. AR census
4.     Irena A. Simmons  b  1866 m December 23, 1885 Lonoke, Arkansas
                      spouse:  W. H. Beard   d April 30, 1932 Beebe, White County, Arkansas
              **notes: AR marriage index 1851-1900, 1870 & 1880 AR census
             ** notes on WH Beard: 8 Arkansas Infantry Confederate Private,
                        37 Arkansas Infantry Confederate Sergeant, 1870 & 1880 AR Census
5.     Martha A. Simmons  b  1870 (can only locate on 1880 census)
6.     Bascom A. Simmons  b  1873  
                children: Ross Simmons b 1896 Wattensaw, Lonoke Co, Arkansas d Detroit, Michigan
                 **notes: 1870 & 1900 AR Census
7.     Samuella Gertrude Simmons b 1860 TN  d Aft. 1920 Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee
                         spouse:  Thomas J. Thomason b 1858 Arkansas  d Bef. 1920 Memphis, Tennessee
                                                m September 25, 1879 Lonoke County Arkansas
                        children: Joseph Thomason b 1885 Arkansas,  Milton Thomason b 1887 Arkansas
                **notes: Gertrude was living with brother Bascom on 1900 AR Census, 1880 AR census with  father
                      but as Gertrude Thomason, living alone on 1920 Memphis, TN census,
                      1870 AR census with parents
8.      Sarah Arabella Simmons b 1854  d 1887 Arkansas m December 09, 1873 Lonoke County, Arkansas
                         spouse:  James Milton Park b February 06, 1851 Panola County, Mississippi d 1903
                             ( I have  conflicting info on James' parents)
                         children:     Harry Park b 1878
                                             Mary Eugene Park b 1875
                                             Eddy W. Park b 1873
9.      Eugenia Simmons b 1858
                 **notes: listed on 1870 census but not on family group for 1880 census but was or
                    would have been 22 in 1880 so either she had died or had moved out
10.   Manila Simmons b 1869  d before 1880 census  (was listed on 1870 AR census)

 John Wils Simmons
b February 2, 1864 Lonoke County, Arkansas(or Prairie County)
d October 27, 1947 Cotton Plant, Woodruff County, Arkansas
m October 1, 1893 Beebe, White County, Arkansas
Gravestone of John and Lidie Simmons
spouse:  Louise Elizabeth  Ford (Lidie) b January 13, 1870 Trenton, Gibson Co., Tennessee
                    d February 14, 1954 Cotton Plant, Woodruff County, Arkansas
    spouse's parents:  Joseph Pybass Ford  (photo) & Sarah Jane  Fleming  (photo)
1.    Madelene Simmons  b July 15, 1895
2.    George W. Simmons died as infant
3.    John Wils Simmons, Jr.  died as infant

 Madelene Simmons
(photo of Madelene and husband Will)
Gravestone of William and Madelene Shelton
b July 15, 1895 Beebe, Arkansas (White County)
d December 30, 1975  Cotton Plant, Arkansas (Woodruff County)
m February 24, 1912 Beebe, Arkansas ( eloped, married in a buggy in the rain with a man holding an umbrella over them)
spouse: William Rossen  Shelton (AKA Will) b November 27, 1889 Newark, Arkansas
                    d August 22, 1968 Cotton Plant, Arkansas (Woodruff County)
   spouse's parents:  James Robert Shelton & Ola  Chaney
1.    Ruth Kyle Shelton b March 22, 1913
2.    William Rossen Shelton, Jr  b February 24, 1921  d July 16, 1924 Cotton Plant, Arkansas  (died of fever/illness)

 Ruth Kyle Shelton
b 3/22/1913 Cotton Plant, Arkansas
spouse: Jack Foster  Caperton, II b 8/6/1909 Pine Bluff, Jefferson County, Arkansas
                           d 7/22/1989 Cotton Plant, Arkansas
                          m 12/27/1935 Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas
        spouse's parents: Jack Foster Caperton, Sr. & Lena Bell  Irvin
1. Ruth Ann Caperton b 7/21/1937 m Harold Richard  Neal
2. Jack Foster Caperton, III b 8/20/1938 Newport, Arkansas

Jack Foster Caperton, III
b 8/20/1938 Newport, Arkansas
spouse: Carolyn June Pulliam b 6/25/1942 Brinkley, Arkansas m 11/26/1960 Brinkley
spouse's parents: Aaron Madison Pulliam & Virgie Minnie  Murtishaw
1. Angela Carol Caperton b 10/29/1961 Little Rock, Arkansas
2. Jack Stanley Caperton b 7/19/1965 m Tangela  Temple
children: Brittany, Shelle, Jaclyn

Angela Carol Caperton
b 10/29/1961 Little Rock, Arkansas
spouse 1: Robert William  Pearson, Sr. m 4/1978 Brinkley, Monroe County, Arkansas
spouse 2: Michael Ellis  Cornell b 8/15/1960 Little Rock, Pulaski County, AR m 1/11/1984 Little Rock
1. Robert William Pearson, Jr. b 11/18/1978
2. Andrew Paul Cornell b 5/26/1986
3. Patrick Kyle Cornell b 9/13/1989

** Cotton Plant was in Monroe County for a few years then was placed in Woodruff County.  Not sure of the years at this time.

** Beebe was in Lonoke County at one time as well but is now in White county.

** Part of Prairie County became part of Lonoke County

1850 District 12, Fayette County, Tennessee Census
1860 Arkansas Federal Census
1870 Arkansas Federal Census
1880 Arkansas Federal Census
1900 Arkansas Federal Census
1910 Arkansa Federal Census
Arkansas Marriage Books (different counties)